Brooks Jury Talked To, Again

Published: August 27, 2010 04:19 pm EDT

Newsday reports out of New York continue to shine the light on the fact that U.S. District Judge Joanna Seybert has had to preach protocol yet again to the jury which is deliberating the fate of former horse owner David Brooks

, who is waiting for a verdict in his nine-figure fraud trial.

The most recent article states that Seybert has had to speak to the jury for a fourth time within the course of a week. Seybert has reportedly had to tell the jurors how to respect each other

The report also states that jurors had not been deliberating at all yesterday because just 11 of them were present, as one was reportedly absent due to having to deal with unspecified car and family trouble.

Another juror, who is not the jury forewoman, reportedly sent a note to Seybert saying that two other jurors had been refusing to deliberate. It is against jury rules for a member of a jury to send out a note by him or herself. All notes must go to the judge through the jury forewoman.

It was also reported in the article that, under the objection of Newsday, a federal magistrate has held a sealed hearing on the security conditions that David Brooks is being held under at the Nassau County jail. The closed hearing is scheduled to continue Monday.

(With files from Newsday)

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