New to Racing >> Who Works at the Racetrack?

Track Manager

The track manager is the queen ant. He or she makes sure that all parts of this operation run smoothly and that an exciting program of racing is presented to the public.

Race Secretary

The race secretary manages the track's racing operation. They structure and oversee the day-to-day program of races and keep the track manager, horsemen and fans happy.


The judges act as the "referees" of the harness racing and make sure that the races are run according to the rules.

Paddock Judge

The paddock is a special holding barn where all the horses that are scheduled to races as well as grooms, trainers and drivers must report. The paddock judge has complete control of all paddock activities.


The starting of the races is actually a two person job - the official starter works with the driver of the starting gate car.

Field Representative

The field representative inputs the results of each race as the night progresses. The field representative works for Standardbred Canada.


The charter views the progress of each race and after recording the details of each horse's performance on the official chart, gives the information to the judges and the field representative.

Parade Marshal

Some tracks hire a parade marshal whose job is to lead the post parade, assist any driver who is having difficulty with a horse and to help catch any loose horse on the racetrack.

Track Maintenance

A racetrack needs upkeep. Electrical, plumbing, carpentry and mechanical repairs are regularly needed. Janitorial and track work must be done daily.

Race Announcer

Every track employs an announcer who "calls" the races and passes on information throughout the race program over a public announcer system.


The photographer takes photos of winning horses at the finish line and in the Winner's Circle.

Video Production

This department video tapes all races for fans to view at the track and simulcast locations.

Mutuel Clerks

Mutuel clerks sell and cash wagers from the bettors.


The racing commission employs a vet to look over all the horses before they race.


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