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The conditions presented in the guide are for the information of those in the industry. Standardbred Canada does not endorse any events other than those sponsored by Standardbred Canada. Should any concerns with conditions arise please contact the stake sponsor/administrator or the appropriate provincial racing commission.

All payments are printed in Canadian funds unless otherwise noted in the fee notes. Stake payments are made payable to the administrators of each stake, unless otherwise stated, or offered through the SC Stakes Online system.

Respective racetracks and stakes sponsors/administrators provide the stake information contained in this guide. This guide is for reference only. Revisions to stake dates and conditions do occur from time to time and it is strongly recommended that participants confirm conditions with the stake sponsors/administrators and that tracks race under the conditions as so approved by the respective racing commission or regulatory body. Updates are sometimes published in trade magazines or industry web sites. ***All stakes listed are subject to change***

Use one of the following to search criteria to find your desired stakes. For changes to the stakes listed in this guide, contact Emelia Gillespie at (905) 858-3060 or [email protected]

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