July 2024

Friends First

Trot Feature: Nijinsky

Their hometowns sit over 6,000 kms apart - one in B.C. and the other in Nova Scotia - but they met and became friends in Ontario over two decades ago. Now, in 2024, ...


Amis Avant Tout

Trot Feature: Nijinsky

Il y a un peu plus de 20 ans, une fille de Surrey, en Colombie-Britannique, s’est liée d’amitié avec un homme de Port Hood, en Nouvelle-Écosse. Leurs ...


Divine Intervention

Captains Quarters

Herb Holland is a spiritual man, who has always believed that if you treat people with respect and work hard, that things will eventually turn in your favour. That’s ...


The Family Horse

Funtime Bayama

Yves Filion won the 1988 NA Cup with Runnymede Lobell, a horse he purchased as a yearling. In 2024 he was trying to win it again, with a homebred gelding


Todd McCarthy: Living The Dream

Captain Albano

When Todd McCarthy was younger, he spent many a Sunday morning in Australia, watching online, as his older brother Andy drove horses at The Meadowlands.


Looking For The Triactor

Legendary Hanover

‘West Wins Stable’ has been a name regularly seen in Standardbred racing programs for years. Casie Coleman is part of that stable, which previously won ...


American Colt, Canadian Dream

Captain Luke

Robert LeBlanc of New York, NY has won Hambletonians with Ramona Hill and Tactical Approach, and The Little Brown Jug with Captain Barbossa, but ...


The 'Other Cup' That Serge Savard Really Wants

Storm Shadow

Serge Savard - an iconic Canadian hockey player that actually played in the 1972 Summit Series - owns TEN Stanley Cup rings. He doesn’t own a North America Cup however


One Of Nick Clegg's Bargain Buys

Janelle Granny

Nick Clegg is a character. Talk to the man for two minutes and you’ll realize that quickly. He’s funny, he’s entertaining, and he’s also good at picking out ...


Don't Call Him The Dark Horse

Ivy P ark

You may not be familiar with the name Barry Guariglia, but you’ve probably heard of Black Horse Racing, through the exploits of their triple-millionaire trotter, ...


Shock & Awe III

The View

Pepsi North America Cup night is always a favourite, for me and thousands of others, on the annual racing calendar. Hell, I’ve been to 40 of the 41 ...


Choc & Crainte III

Point De Vue

La soirée de la Pepsi North America Cup est toujours une de mes préférées sur le calendrier annuel des courses et c’est la même chose pour des milliers d'autres personnes. Bon ...