Website Troubleshooting

Published: May 23, 2018 11:45 am EDT

A small fraction of visitors to the Standardbred Canada website have recently been experiencing issues when it comes to refreshing pages. Standardbred Canada’s I.T. department has instituted a temporary fix for the situation while a long-term solution is being sorted out.

Standardbred Canada’s I.T. department has added a half circle in the red banner at the top of the website pages (an example of the half circle appears to the right of this paragraph). The half circle is located between the ‘Log In / Log Out’ button and the ‘Search’ field in the red banner. Clicking the half circle will refresh pages to their most current information.

Standardbred Canada is actively working on finding a permanent fix for the issue. Standardbred Canada would like to thank all website visitors for their patience and understanding in regard to the matter.