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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 116 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Hortop Temper E L Titan Bosston Lexi B 5 M T Sep 24/21 contact
Patina Seelster Sunshine Beach Pantecostal R 3 F P Sep 24/21 $13,000 +HST
Performer Perfect Union Juno Seelster Y 1 C P Sep 24/21 $10,000 obo
Talisman Seelster Sunshine Beach Titania Seelster R 3 G P Sep 23/21 $15,000 +HST
Big Ace Betterthancheddar Blazing Flame R 4 G P Sep 23/21 $18,000
M I Radical Lookslikeachpndale Radical Dreamer Y 1 C T Sep 22/21 $20,000
Mach Play Sold Shadow Play Show Busness R 5 H P Sep 21/21 $9,500
Tylers Beach Boy Jennas Beach Boy Western Wine R 9 G P Sep 21/21 $7,000
Northern Frolic Sold Kadabra Straight A Student R/B 2 F T Sep 21/21 $10,000
Rosies War Bonds Sold Muscle Mass Rose De Vie Stena R 3 G T Sep 21/21 $45,000
Under Warranty Sold Sportwriter You See L A R 3 G P Sep 21/21 $12,000 +HST
Singhampton Kenny Shadow Play Escape Exit R 10 G P Sep 20/21 $7,500
Finer Things Sunshine Beach Good Things Happen R 3 F P Sep 20/21 $17,000
Dont Tell Kim Source of Pride Lasting Light R 3 F P Sep 20/21 $9,000
Lady Rock Pacific Rocket Lady La Toya B 20 M P Sep 20/21 $6,500
Eagle Kelly Sold American Ideal Demotta Bing B 13 M P Sep 20/21 $2,000
Monster Magnet Racing Hill Windsong Grand Ave R 3 G P Sep 20/21 $10,000 +HST
Santanna Tony Santanna Blue Chip Rapid Melody R 8 G P Sep 20/21 $7,500 +HST
Staytheblazeshome Ameripan Gigolo Goddards Art R 3 F P Sep 20/21 $8,000
Feu D Artifice Shadow Play Artistes R 6 M P Sep 20/21 $6,200
Pocket Of Aces Stonebridge Terror Euphoria Seelster R 2 C P Sep 20/21 $8,000 obo
Barrys Shelby Sold Mach Three Miss Direction R 9 G P Sep 18/21 $7,000 firm
Sundown Sunshine Beach Real Parmasan R 3 G P Sep 17/21 $28,000 +HST
D Gs Magic Moment - REDUCED Control The Moment D Gs Tinkerbell R 3 F P Sep 17/21 $18,500 contact
Neptune Seelster Sold Sunshine Beach No Strikes Against R 2 C P Sep 17/21 $10,000 +HST
Renees Delight Rocknroll Hanover Sun N Sand B 12 M P Sep 16/21 $8,500 +HST
Singinthesunshine Sunshine Beach Here and Now R 3 G P Sep 16/21 $17,500 +HST
Kellys Moment Sold Control The Moment First Lady R 2 F P Sep 16/21 $9,000 obo
Darktwistedbalboa - UPDATED Dali Rocket Art Y 1 G P Sep 16/21 $18,000 +HST
Hotlikewasabi Sold Malicious Yummy Sushi R 3 G P Sep 16/21 contact
Frontier Seelster Sold Artistic Fella Feel the Rhythm R 7 G P Sep 15/21 $6,000 +HST
Ozark - REDUCED Sold Shadow Play North Party Time R 3 G P Sep 15/21 $18,000 neg
Silent Voices Bettors Delight Ameritime R 2 F P Sep 15/21 $7,000 +HST
Georgia Thompson Sportswriter Olive Thompson Y 1 F P Sep 15/21 $20,000
Eileens Dream Sold Muscle Mass Six Figure Dreams B 3 F T Sep 15/21 $30,000 +HST
Jj Amelia Tobago Cays Fritzel Hanover Y 1 F P Sep 14/21 contact
Jj Liam Tobago Cays Ovation Killean Y 1 C P Sep 14/21 contact
Jj Landon Tobago Cays J J Mistress Y 1 C P Sep 14/21 contact
Jj Aurora Hilarious Halo Feel At Home Y 1 F P Sep 14/21 contact
Bets Beach All Bets Off Blue Beach Girl Y 1 C P Sep 14/21 $30,000 +HST
Her Grace K Encore Encore Grace N Vanity R 2 F T Sep 14/21 $20,000
Liladash King Sunshine Beach Twilight Seelster Y 1 C P Sep 14/21 $15,000
Rose Ricky All Bets Off Gotta Love Her Y 1 F P Sep 14/21 $20,000
Zorba Drummond Sold Sportswriter Zoe Seelster R 2 C P Sep 14/21 $5,000
Mach Tie Son Sold Mach Three Jordans Jewell R 4 G P Sep 13/21 $15,000 neg
Got Rhythm - REDUCED Sold Sportswriter Lucky Cocktail R 3 F P Sep 13/21 $5,000 neg
Ga Speed Arthur Sold Sunshine Beach R Ciao Baby R 3 C P Sep 13/21 $6,500 contact
Funkymunkymaga American Ideal Breezy De Vie B 6 M P Sep 13/21 contact
Caribbean Tides Sold State Treasurer Caribbean R 3 C P Sep 13/21 $7,000 +HST
JJ Logan Image of Dawn Dontcallmeprincess R 2 G P Sep 13/21 $5,500
Windsun Gaga Hes Watching Artistic Melody R 3 F P Sep 13/21 $35,000 firm
Kaporal Sold Sunshine Beach Diva La Delight R 2 G P Sep 13/21 $16,000 +HST
Larry Is Debs Rock Sunfire Blue Chip Teenager Girls R 5 G P Sep 13/21 $10,500 +HST
Speed Limit Physicallyinclined La Sorciere R 3 G P Sep 13/21 contact
Excuse Me Please Yankee Glide Please Be Nice R 12 G T Sep 13/21 $6,000
Mr Wheeler - REDUCED Wheeling N Dealin Parcc Side Missy R 3 G T Sep 13/21 $26,000 +HST
Big Dream Fella Big Jim Dreamfair Zoya Y 1 C P Sep 10/21 $30,000 contact
Umpire Hanover Sold Sportswriter Up Front Rose R 4 G P Sep 10/21 $12,500 +HST
D Gs Runforhim - REDUCED Sold Sportswriter Majo Elika R 3 C P Sep 10/21 $8,500 +HST
Vent Du Sud Leader Bayama Mini Fee Reno Y 1 C P Sep 10/21 $15,000 contact
Michele Z Tam American Ideal Bettors Magic R 4 M P Sep 10/21 contact
See R Buddy Moss Sold Angus Hall See R Chin Win Y 1 C T Sep 9/21 $15,000 neg
Ken Kan Win - REDUCED Sold Ken Warkentin Win By Chin R 11 G T Sep 9/21 $9,000 neg
Galleria Seelster REDUCED Sold Shadow Play Goddesss Princess R 2 F P Sep 9/21 $15,000 +HST
Givit Awhirl Pearl Betterthancheddar St Lads Havoc B 5 M P Sep 8/21 $12,000 +HST
Toonie Teen Sold Sportswriter Tattootina R 3 C P Sep 8/21 $10,000
Mervs Tru Legacy Mach Three Truclaye Hanover R 10 G P Sep 8/21 $6,000
Stonebridge Pheme Sold Sportswriter Stonebridge Rumor R 2 F P Sep 8/21 $7,500
Watch Party Hes Watching Band of Emeralds R 3 C P Sep 8/21 $15,000
Veneno Real Artist Scoots N R 7 G P Sep 8/21 contact
Watt Machs Me Win Sold Mach Three Feisty Form R 8 M P Sep 7/21 $6,500
Jims Dream Artspeak B Stern R 2 C P Sep 7/21 $16,000
Somewhat Sacy Muscle Mass Nickange Two R 3 F T Sep 7/21 $15,000
Mr Miramont Sold Sportswriter Blueberry Will Y 1 C P Sep 7/21 $20,000
Miss Miramont Donato Hanover Norstar Seelster Y 1 F P Sep 7/21 $25,000 US
Maching Beauty Sold Mach Three Elite Avatar R 5 M P Sep 7/21 $8,000 +HST
Jj Halsey Image Of Dawn Hurricane Heide R 3 F P Sep 7/21 $10,000
Elroy Shiner Warrawee Needy Rain Dance Heather R 4 G P Sep 7/21 $15,000 bo
Millies Million Sold Armbro Baylor Untold Millions R 3 F P Sep 6/21 $30,000
Summer Thriller Rocknroll Hanover Summer Mystery B 12 M P Sep 6/21 $15,000 obo
Night Shift Guru Hes Watching Miss Poole Y 1 M P Sep 5/21 $20,000 +HST
Whozat Well Said Driven To Sin R 3 G P Sep 4/21 $12,000
Messier Seelster Sold Thinking Out Loud Mistreos R 4 G P Sep 4/21 $8,000
Fablo Sold Hes Watching Diva La Delight Y 1 G P Sep 3/21 $16,000 +HST
My Own Way To Rock Rocknroll King Rapid Riley R 3 F P Sep 1/21 $10,000
Super Willie Sold Thinking Out Loud Shut Her Down R 3 G P Sep 1/21 $9,000 +HST
Saulsbrook Jewel Sold Cougar Hall Joltimatum R 3 F P Sep 1/21 $14,000
Lean On Who Sold Western Ideal Lean On Me B 7 M P Sep 1/21 $5,000 obo
Read The Proposal Sold Bettors Delight Hornby Lucky R 9 G P Aug 31/21 $8,500
Fastnrelentless Sold Shadow Play Chardonay Seelster R 4 M P Aug 31/21 $15,000
His Boy Elroy Jeremes Jet Impressive Sign R 9 G P Aug 31/21 $20,000 +HST
Smile Its Friday Sportswriter Smileallthewayhome R 3 M P Aug 31/21 $9,000
Ga Speed Semy Sold Mickey Hanover Surprise De Mars R 3 F P Aug 31/21 $6,500 contact
Greystone Treasure Sold State Treasurer Greystone Ladymach R 3 F P Aug 31/21 $25,000 +HST
Century Havana Sold Control The Moment Mowet Blue Chip R 3 F P Aug 30/21 $9,000 obo
Ajtitan Sold E L Titan Sahara R 4 G T Aug 30/21 $20,000 +HST
Arielle Hanover Shadow Play Allamerican Celeb R 5 M P Aug 30/21 $12,000 obo
Battle With Desire Sold Thinking Out Loud Thrillionaire R 4 M P Aug 30/21 $7,000 contact
Century Gigalo Sold Sunshine Beach Exotic Pleasure R 4 G P Aug 30/21 $15,000 +HST
Disneyman Sold Sportswriter Disneypan R 4 G P Aug 30/21 $22,000 neg
Lady Rose - REDUCED Up The Credit Lady Rock Y 1 F P Aug 29/21 $10,000 +HST
D GS Fairystars Sold Mach Three Bolero Ultima R 5 M P Aug 28/21 $10,000 obo
Straight Talker Warrawee Needy Armbro Vertical R 2 M P Aug 28/21 $15,000
Bet On Beach Sunshine Beach Warners Delight R 2 G P Aug 27/21 $12,000 obo
Fear The Lady - Reduced Malicious This Marks A Lady R 3 F P Aug 26/21 $9,000 obo
Dividend Day Sold Ameripan Gigolo Divine Justice R 7 G P Aug 26/21 $7,500
Crevior Sold Credit Winner Model Behavior R 3 C T Aug 26/21 $18,000
Maroon Seelster - Reduced Sold State Treasurer Maurockin R 2 F P Aug 25/21 $10,000 obo
Rockin Shadow Shadow Play Lets Rock N Roll R 3 C P Aug 25/21 $20,000
Twin B Shadow - REDUCED Shadow Play Stryper R 10 G P Aug 25/21 $4,500
Jessies Song Sold Jailhouse Jesse Sasha Hall B 10 M T Aug 24/21 $10,000 obo
Needmorejewels D M Dilinger Luctors Mitzi B 19 M P Aug 24/21 bo
Karisma Seelster Sold Sunshine Beach Keystone Tiffany B 2 F P Aug 24/21 $15,000
The Italian Union Sold Perfect Union Hi Society Hanover R 2 G P Aug 24/21 $5,500
Alessandra Bettors Delight Gussies Girl R 3 F P Aug 24/21 $12,000 contact
Claudali Moon Beam Canaco Xenia R 2 F P Aug 23/21 $8,000 contact

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