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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 91 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
Mach Miss Mach Three MIss Terror R 6 M P Aug 14/18 $5,000
Playgirl Shadow Play April Three R 2 F P Aug 14/18 $15,000 +HST
PLaygirl Shadow Play April Three R 2 F P Aug 14/18 $15,000 +HST
Famous Earl Sold Sportswriter Simply Mavelous R 3 G P Aug 14/18 $10,000
Le Cafe Angus Hall French Cofee R 4 G T Aug 13/18 contact
Kiss Me Bad Badlands Hanover Helen Of Troy R 2 F P Aug 13/18 $6,000
Chloes Master Vintage Master Ladies Life R 3 G P Aug 13/18 $7,000
Noudidnt Blue Chip Sold Roll With Joe She Walks The Walk R 5 G P Aug 12/18 $9,000
Allamerican Damsel Western Ideal Datefortheball B 12 M P Aug 10/18 $9,500
Soccer Hanover Sold Dragon Again Shaky Cam Hanover R 4 G P Aug 10/18 $7,500
Kimball B Ameripan Gigolo C Ls Gracious Lady Y 1 G P Aug 10/18 $7,500
Last Symphony Artistic Fella Final Concert R 3 F P Aug 10/18 $12,000
Warrawee Proton Sold Muscle Mass Yankee Sally R 7 G T Aug 10/18 $11,000 +HST
Papas Gems Vintage Master Dominatricks R 3 F P Aug 10/18 $5,000
Seasons Undershade Seasoned Pleasure Aplace In The Sun B 9 M T Aug 9/18 contact
Smart Pick Angus Hall Gracious Glide R 3 C T Aug 9/18 $30,000 +HST
Crafty Xample Camluck Classic Xample R 3 G P Aug 8/18 $20,000
Angel Hands Bettors Delight Bandolera Hanover R 2 F P Aug 7/18 $25,000 +HST
Honeyitsonlymoney Sweet Lou Cantputapriceonher R 2 F P Aug 7/18 $15,000 +HST
Arsenal De Chafra Sold Power Park Winbak Honey R 3 C P Aug 7/18 $4,000 HST inc
Dry Creek Image Rockin Image True Shooter R 4 M P Aug 7/18 $17,500 +HST
Fanciful Jennas Beach Boy Fanciful Hanover B 15 M P Aug 7/18 $18,000 +HST
A Bad Slide Badlands Hanover Slide Home R 3 G P Aug 7/18 $12,500 +HST
Jimey Red Big Jim Redwalls R 3 G P Aug 7/18 $10,000 +HST
Kiss It Better Betterthancheddar Miss Microsox Y 1 F P Aug 7/18 $10,000
Master Element Sold Vintage Master Necessary Element R 3 G P Aug 7/18 $7,500 +HST
Dream All Night Sold Bettors Delight Dreaming Aliina R 3 F P Aug 6/18 $10,000 HST inc
Dads Filly Western Paradise P L Betterway R 3 F P Aug 5/18 $14,000 +HST
Hopiesdragninthedo Dragon Again Dont Lose Hope R 8 G P Aug 5/18 $14,000 +HST
Davinci Code Big Jim Shady Desire B/R 3 F P Aug 3/18 $12,000 neg
Precision Hanover Somebeachsomewhere Phoenix Seelster R 3 F P Aug 3/18 $50,000
Broncos Sena Bolero Master Maple Lady R 2 M P Aug 2/18 $10,000 +HST
Montecarlomuscles Muscle Mass Evolution R 3 G T Aug 2/18 $30,000 obo
Gaelic Lass Majestic Son Gaelic Mistress B 4 M T Aug 1/18 $11,000 obo
Play It Fast Sold Badlands Hanover Odds On J P R 3 G P Jul 31/18 $9,000
Hot Tip Sold Mystery Chase Heathers Gambit R 3 G P Jul 31/18 $10,000
Your Raider Boy Sold Cheyenne Rei Your Raider Girl R 4 G P Jul 31/18 $8,000
J Malo Spirit Johnny William Maple Leaf Spirit R 2 C T Jul 30/18 $24,000 +HST
Justdontwait Sold Well Said Just Wait Kate R 2 C P Jul 30/18 $10,000 +HST
Rockbabushkarock Sportswriter Rockin Babushka R 4 M P Jul 30/18 $7,000
Baymorr Kennedy Sold Cash Register Rural Voice Y 1 F P Jul 30/18 $4,500 obo
Sportsnest-REDUCED! Sportswriter Hornets Nest R 2 C P Jul 30/18 $25,000 +HST
Edstone Glidemaster Tara Emerald R 3 G T Jul 30/18 $37,500
Jinglewriter Sold Sportswriter Village Jangle R 6 M P Jul 30/18 $8,000
Serena W Sunfire Blue Chip Dianes Place R 2 F P Jul 28/18 $12,000 +HST
Frightful Watch Hes Watching Dianes Place Y 1 C P Jul 28/18 $25,000 +HST
Sammartha Stewart Artsplace Sammies Cammi B 17 M P Jul 28/18 $6,500 obo
Candid Hall Angus Hall Candidcamerakosmos R 2 G T Jul 28/18 $15,000 +HST
Miss Ohio Sold Sportswriter Armoire Hanover R 3 F P Jul 27/18 $4,800 neg
P L Lancelot Sold Shadow Play Kg Katriona R 3 G P Jul 27/18 $10,000 +HST
Moody Blues Well Said Isabella Blue Chip R 4 G P Jul 26/18 $15,000
Rons Pro The Panderosa Prosecco R 4 G P Jul 26/18 $10,000
Atout De Fontaine Oxford Du Rib Mistina De Tragui R 8 G T Jul 25/18 $20,000 US
Stonebridge Focus Sold Camluck Stonebridge Vision R 6 M P Jul 25/18 $8,000
Lil Toosh Sold Western Ideal Lts Magic R 3 F P Jul 25/18 $8,000
Coco Titan E L Titan Stormont Snug Me Y 1 F T Jul 25/18 $55,000
Holiday Gift Sold Holiday Road Cadeau Pv R 5 G T Jul 24/18 $12,000
Ladys Intuition Justice Hall Lady I Am R 3 F T Jul 23/18 $20,000
Windsun Lotus Sold Shadow Play Windsun Celestial R 3 F P Jul 23/18 $15,000 +HST
Call In The Bin Sold Justice Hall Color Me Pretty R 3 C T Jul 23/18 $12,000 +HST
Classic Scarlet Classic Card Shark Western Scarlet R 3 F P Jul 23/18 $7,000
Shadows In Town Shadow Play Arts Pretty Lady R 4 G P Jul 23/18 $15,000 +HST
Shiftyn Georgie Sold Rambaran Paradigm Shift R 11 G P Jul 23/18 $4,000 firm
Ms Miller Southwind Lustre Zorgwijk Diamond R 3 F T Jul 23/18 $25,000 +HST
Willys Roadhouse Westwardho Hanover Pictonian Amanda Y 1 C P Jul 22/18 $7,250 neg
Yokomotion Justice Hall Yoko Hanover R 3 F T Jul 22/18 $20,000
Kid Genius Shadow Play Open Book Test R 3 C P Jul 20/18 $18,000
Ate My Card Badlands Hanover Atm Machine R 1 C P Jul 20/18 $9,000 +HST
Arrhythmogenic-REDUCED! Betterthancheddar Stupid Cupid R 2 F P Jul 19/18 $13,500 +HST
Dance Hall Blissfull Hall Dance Me Outside B 16 M P Jul 19/18 $1,500
Maddie Lou Sold Cantab Hall Miss Wisconsin R 2 F T Jul 19/18 $15,000
Pier Ho Camelot Sold Cams Card Shark Miss Electric R 5 G P Jul 18/18 $4,900 +HST
Todays Sports Sold Sportswriter On This Day R 4 M P Jul 18/18 $6,000 +HST
Celestial Lady Angus Hall Celsius Hanover R 6 M T Jul 18/18 $15,000
Majors Stride Kyle Major Dream Years R 2 G P Jul 17/18 $7,000
Beary Yu Von-REDUCED! Dali Rolltideroll R 2 F P Jul 17/18 $8,000
Just Toyin With Ya Sold Mister Big Shes No Toy R 5 G P Jul 17/18 $20,000
Maritime Girl Jeremes Jet Seafaring Girl R 7 M P Jul 17/18 $5,000 obo
Larjon Laney Sold Badlands Hanover JK Cabaret R 4 M P Jul 17/18 $7,500 +HST
Lady Of My Dream Sold If I Can Dream Major Lady R 4 M P Jul 17/18 $6,000 +HST
Survivor Hall-REDUCED! Sold Angus Hall Striking Sibyl R 3 C T Jul 17/18 $10,000
Peggycrest Sold Pegasus Spu Incredible Iam B 8 M T Jul 17/18 contact
Smockity Frocs Mach Three Mystical Seelster R 7 M P Jul 17/18 $6,500 +HST
Yceasy Sold Sportswriter Letmedowneasy R 3 F P Jul 16/18 $11,000 +HST
Uptown Woman Sold Mach Three Nonuknlady R 5 M P Jul 16/18 $8,000
Biggy Blue Mister Big Norrthern Hall R 3 C P Jul 16/18 $6,500
Southern Heart Shadow Play La Daydreamer R 4 M P Jul 16/18 $10,500 +HST
Rowdy Ronda Sportswriter Ruffles Kiss R 2 F P Jul 14/18 $22,000 +HST
Dreamers Delight Sold Bettors Delight Dream Of Mimi R 3 F P Jul 13/18 $25,000
Virgin Gold Sold Always A Virgin Guarding The Gold R 3 C P Jul 13/18 $10,000 neg
Bett N On Fire Sold Bettors Delight Fiery Buckeye R 3 G P Jul 13/18 $15,000 neg

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