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SC Horses For Sale Board

There are 123 horses listed on the SC Horses For Sale Board.
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Horse Name Sale Status Sire Dam Selling As Age Sex Gait Date Addedsort icon Price Value
The Accountant Royalty For Life Fiery Manes R 3 G T Nov 18/19 $15,000 +HST
Pretty Crafty Here Comes Herbie Appleby Dreambelle B 11 M T Nov 18/19 $40,000 +HST
Appleby Hall Angus Hall Appleby Dreambelle B 14 M T Nov 18/19 $7,500 +HST
Thinkingofyoubabe Thinking Out Loud Goodnewsbabe R 2 F P Nov 18/19 bo
Palm D Or Real Desire Cannes Festival B 12 M P Nov 17/19 $1,500 +HST
Unmitigated Sunshine Beach Czarina Hanover Y 1 C P Nov 16/19 $10,500
Mowet Blue Chip Art Major Armbro Savannah B 7 M P Nov 15/19 $20,000 +HST
D Gs Letitgo Mach Three Wondrous Killean R 4 M P Nov 15/19 $10,000 +HST
Bonita Beach-REDUCED! Real Artist Sanabelle Island B 14 M P Nov 14/19 $8,000 +HST
Cheyenne Miriam-REDUCED! Bettors Delight Alibecca B 9 M P Nov 14/19 $5,000 +HST
Angel Status Archangel His Mistress R 3 F T Nov 14/19 $15,000
Mach Liam Mach Three Armbro Vertical R 4 G P Nov 14/19 $7,000 +HST
Mayor Mittcheese Betterthancheddar Oven Mitt R 2 G P Nov 12/19 $30,000 neg
Hard Rock Rocknroll Hanover Artistic Vision R 7 G P Nov 12/19 $7,000 +HST
Son of Gracious Ameripan Gigolo C Ls Gracious Lady Y 1 G P Nov 12/19 $4,500
Brother John Stonebridge Regal Pine Barrens R 9 G P Nov 11/19 $7,000
Infinity Stone Il Sogno Dream Magic Factory Y 1 C T Nov 11/19 $25,000 +HST
Crown Patent Sebastian K S Whitesand Samantha Y 1 F T Nov 11/19 $35,000 +HST
Hail To Reason Angus Hall Queen Nora Y 1 F T Nov 11/19 $20,000 +HST
SOS Mya Archangel Paytheconsequences Y 1 F T Nov 11/19 $18,000 +HST
SOS Tatoe Crazed EL Miss Cindy Y 1 C T Nov 11/19 $14,500 +HST
Royal Esteem-UPDATED! Royalty For Life Summerhill Abra R 3 F T Nov 11/19 $70,000 +HST
Linatawa N REDUCED!! Holmes Hanover Bedspread B 17 M P Nov 11/19 $500
Bred For Greatness Federal Flex Wendy Woo R 5 G T Nov 11/19 $18,000
Sporty Song Sportswriter Overture R 3 F P Nov 11/19 $8,000
Pound Sterling Muscle Hill Priscilla Seelster R 6 G T Nov 10/19 $22,000 +HST
Miss Justine E L Titan Miss Everything R 3 F T Nov 10/19 $15,000 +HST
Chanas Lucky Three Mach Three Black Chana B 8 M P Nov 10/19 $10,000 obo
Olive Thompson Mach Three Scootin Ideal B 9 M P Nov 10/19 $12,000 obo
Royaltys Pearl Royalty For Life Hawaiian Viva R 3 F T Nov 8/19 $20,000 +HST
Kashe Justice Hall Circe Hanover R 3 F T Nov 8/19 $20,000 +HST
Tragically Hep Sportswriter Hepburn Blue Chip R 3 F P Nov 8/19 $12,000 obo
Back Streetboy Perfect Union Swipe Street W C P Nov 7/19 $4,000 HST inc
Lady Reporter Sold Sportswriter Im All In R 2 F P Nov 7/19 $7,500 +HST
Cadence Seelster Sold Justice Hall Charming To A Tee R 3 F T Nov 7/19 $18,000
HF Jessejames Pang Shui Kinda Funky R 3 G P Nov 6/19 contact
HF Thegreatpumpkin Pang Shui HF Agent Nintynine R 3 G P Nov 6/19 contact
Majo Rafiki Sold Betterthancheddar Majo Sweet Million R 3 G P Nov 6/19 $8,500 +HST
Sorority Secret Sold Angus Hall Sorority House R 3 F T Nov 5/19 $10,000
Runaway Mystery Mister Big Phoenix Arcane R 5 G P Nov 4/19 $10,000 +HST
Cherish The Moment Dali Armbro Cherish Y 1 C P Nov 4/19 bo
Mememe Dragon Again Missy B Cool B 14 M P Nov 4/19 bo
Fearsome Sold Sportswriter Fancy A Dream R 3 G P Nov 3/19 $5,000 +HST
Sterling Thought Westwardho Hanover Thought Of R 3 G P Nov 3/19 $9,500 obo
Brightside Dignity Mcaracas Sharonas Dignity R 3 G P Nov 3/19 $10,000
Shy Artie Articulator So Shy R 4 M P Nov 2/19 $4,500
Holiday Harlot Holiday Road Harlequin Seelster R 3 F T Nov 2/19 $24,000 +HST
Explosive Jet Explosive Matter Reichers R 7 M T Nov 1/19 $15,000
Roundtable Sportswriter Thistimeitsforreal R 4 G P Nov 1/19 $5,500 +HST
Heavens Best Angel Rock N Roll Heaven Bestofbothworlds B 7 M P Oct 31/19 $10,000 +HST
Artocolo Hanover Sportswriter Armbro Cachet R 3 G P Oct 31/19 $7,500 +HST
Sweet Capucine Sunshine Beach Elle Ma Y 1 F P Oct 31/19 $9,500 +HST
Fantasio Sunshine Beach Bon Vent Y 1 C P Oct 31/19 $9,500 +HST
Curious Cortez Sold Big Jim Live To Dream R 3 G P Oct 31/19 $8,000 +HST
Delightful Braeden Bettors Delight Dragons Georgette R 7 G P Oct 31/19 $7,500
TalbotCreek Suzie Angus Hall Sno Doubt About It R 7 M T Oct 30/19 $17,500 US
Sauble Bonnie Shadow Play Sauble Adelle R 5 M P Oct 30/19 $7,500 +HST
Mister Big Top Sold Mister Big Droptop Hanover R 7 G P Oct 30/19 $10,000 +HST
Pocketfullofdreams Sold Kadabra Lady Talbot B 3 F T Oct 30/19 $10,000
Miss Sofia Wheeling N Dealin Game On Hanover R 2 F T Oct 29/19 $15,000
Rock And Twist-REDUCED! Sunshine Beach So Rocked R 2 C P Oct 29/19 $20,000
Headline Howie-REDUCED! Armbro Barrister Mad Over U Hanover W C T Oct 29/19 $6,000 obo
Tornado Joyce-REDUCED! Tad The Stud Lyrical Lindy W F T Oct 29/19 $6,000 obo
Little Miss Winnie-UPDATED! Tad The Stud Worth Remembering R 3 F T Oct 29/19 $15,000
S R Bazinga Sold Badlands Hanover Whitesand Merlot R 2 C P Oct 29/19 $7,000
S R Regal Sold Dali Cam Heiress R 2 C P Oct 29/19 $5,500 obo
Howmac Diamond Carnivore Early Paroll R 4 G P Oct 29/19 $7,500
Lil Beau Duke Sunshine Beach Keystone Mystique R 3 G P Oct 28/19 $8,500 +HST
Wheres Nono Big Bad John Annie Duke Y 1 F P Oct 28/19 $5,000
Ezee Tiguan Angus Hall Spare Time Rozie R/B 4 M T Oct 28/19 $20,000 +HST
Teal Hanover Western Ideal Temptress EL R 3 M P Oct 28/19 contact
Clothier Hanover Sold Royalty For Life Chez Lucie R 3 G T Oct 28/19 $22,500
Sportsranger-REDUCED! Sportswriter Dangerous Waters R 7 G P Oct 28/19 $6,000 +HST
Harttattack-REDUCED! Neutralize Royal Ribbons R 7 G P Oct 28/19 $5,000 +HST
Pine Espoir Sold Windsong Espoir Chippies Victory R 3 F T Oct 28/19 $7,000
Trussed Up Trudy So Surreal Shes My Belle R 3 F P Oct 28/19 $10,000 US
Whata Bee Leader Bayama Whata Thrill R 2 F P Oct 28/19 contact
Larjon Lucy Vintage Master Jk Cabaret R 3 F P Oct 28/19 $7,500 obo
Alona Sold Sportswriter F Fifteen R 6 M T Oct 25/19 $12,000 +HST
Indywheelbarrow Panspacificflight Tell Me A Tale R 6 M P Oct 25/19 $7,000 +HST
Out On A Mission-REDUCED! Val Taurus Latest Mission Y 1 F T Oct 24/19 $6,500 obo
Fine Credit-REDUCED! Up The Credit Fine Life Y 1 G P Oct 24/19 $6,500 obo
Smile Its Friday-REDUCED! Sportswriter Smileallthewayhome Y 1 F P Oct 24/19 $37,500 firm
Elm Grove Ladyluck Coastocoast Yankee Elm Grove Camlady R 5 M P Oct 24/19 $15,000
Return To Style Royal Mattjesty Royal Dieness R 6 M P Oct 24/19 $8,500 +HST
Mr Beliveau Sorce Of Pride Celebrant Hanover Y 1 C P Oct 23/19 $6,000 obo
Cheeky Cherry Westwardho Hanover Chiavanasca R 3 F P Oct 23/19 $20,000 +HST
Master Smile Vintage Master Leavea Smile R 6 G P Oct 23/19 $6,000
Greek Beach Astreos Legal Beach B 14 M P Oct 22/19 contact
Elm Grove Nellie Stonebridge Terror Emberlee R 3 F P Oct 22/19 $12,500
P L Corina Muscles Yankee Corinas Mission B 13 M T Oct 22/19 $8,000 +HST
P L Fairlady Striking Sahbra Broadway Gal B 10 M T Oct 22/19 $20,000 +HST
Pinhigh Manofmanymissions Pacific Photo B 4 M T Oct 22/19 $12,000 +HST
P L Norm Manofmanymissions Corinas Mission R 2 C T Oct 22/19 $15,000 +HST
P L Omg Kadabra P L Fairlady Y 1 F T Oct 22/19 $20,000 +HST
Carnival Heart Big Jim Yankeelicious Y 1 F P Oct 22/19 $15,000 +HST
Somebodyswatchinme Hes Watching Lady Dillinger R 2 G P Oct 22/19 $25,000 obo
Lady Dillinger D M Dilinger Teenager Girls B 17 M P Oct 22/19 bo
Shes Watching Me Hes Watching Teenager Girls Y 1 C P Oct 22/19 $45,000 obo
Classic Blackjack Classic Card Shark Teenager Girls R 4 M P Oct 22/19 $10,000 obo
Larry Is Debs Rock Sunfire Blue Chip Teenager Girls R 3 G P Oct 22/19 $12,000 obo
Lil Screamer Hes Watching Major Delight R 2 F P Oct 22/19 $30,000 +HST
Miss Dynamite D Image Of Dawn J J Mistress R 3 F P Oct 22/19 $12,000
Brightside Rhia Mcaracas Brightside Motion R 3 F P Oct 21/19 $7,500 neg
Tell Em Hanover Sold Sportswriter Twin B Beachbaby R 3 F P Oct 21/19 $10,000
Red Dirt Fulofhart Articulator Oduya R 2 G P Oct 21/19 $18,000
Cheezie Motel Betterthancheddar Cheap Motel R 2 F P Oct 21/19 $10,000 neg
Skycrew-REDUCED! Ameripan Gigolo Allamerican Shaina R 3 F P Oct 21/19 $8,500 obo
Tobins Edge Sold Stonebridge Terror Hot Fusion Y 1 C P Oct 20/19 $12,500 obo
Gobigorstayhome Betterthancheddar Cheap Motel Y 1 C P Oct 19/19 $10,000 neg
Herbs Journey Angus Hall Jayportcashforlife R 3 G T Oct 18/19 $18,000 +HST
Snooker Sold E L Titan Phoenix Hornline R 3 F T Oct 18/19 $13,000 obo
Creepin Mach Three Magnify This R 5 G P Oct 18/19 $12,500 +HST
Big Jim-Lifetime Breeding Western Ideal Bold Pink S 11 S P Oct 17/19 $4,500 US
Sunshine Beach-Lifetime Breeding Somebeachsomewhere Light Up S 9 S P Oct 17/19 $7,000 US
Cal Hanover Sportswriter Calgary Hanover R 3 G P Oct 17/19 $15,000
Dont Be A Hero Malicious First Lady Of Art R 3 G P Oct 17/19 $15,000
Howmac Sabrina-REDUCED! Malicious Howmacs Princess R 3 F P Oct 17/19 $13,000
U R Drivingme Nutz Sold Up The Credit Trust Me Ashley Y 1 C P Oct 17/19 $8,500 obo
Underpants Uniform Sold Up The Credit Casimir Ladyhawke Y 1 F P Oct 17/19 $4,500 obo
U R Asuprise Tome Sold Up The Credit Itsa Surprise Y 1 C P Oct 17/19 $8,000 obo
Sad Like Marilyn Sunshine Beach Casiano W M P Oct 17/19 $15,000
Red River Sal-REDUCED! Betterthancheddar Olive Thompson W C P Oct 17/19 $15,000 obo

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