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At Standardbred Canada, we have a very strong stream of regulations, time restrictions and a graduated licensing process. We would like to introduce you to our Easy 1-2-3 Guide pertaining to some of our services and best practices. It is our hope that this will help you understand the different processes and ways to make things as easy as 1-2-3.


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Our Easy Guide will help you understand our processes and requirements. Did you know that you can pay for many items or fill out some forms online on our eShop tab? Items such as eligibility fees, horse liability Insurance, horse for sale board, new foal applications, mare reports, locations reports, report of mares bred, full circle program, make stake payments, horse name change, items for sale board, membership renewals, pay an invoice, and purchase Trot subscriptions can all be completed online.

Of course, you are still welcome to call our office for help (905) 858-3060. We are open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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This segment on transfers, recording of leases, and relieving you of liability of ownership, and the applicable fees associated. Be sure to pay attention to the fee schedule associated to the length of time it takes you to record a transfer.

Did you know?

  • If you are selling or purchasing a horse, you must apply for an “ownership transfer”. The application must be signed by the seller(s), dated and new owner(s) name section completed. If the horse is not electronically registered, the original registration certificate must be returned in our office. Don’t wait to file your application for transfer as application received within 3 months of the sale date is at a cheaper rate (fee schedule). The signature of the executor(s) of the Will must be received if transferred from an Estate.

  • If you are still the recorded owner of a horse that you have sold or given away, please be advised that you are still liable for that horse until a signed off transfer of ownership has been received in our offices. If you did sell a horse and this horse is still under your ownership, please sign and date a transfer form or the original registration certificate of that horse and return it to our office with a note “New Owners Unknown”. We will then remove your name as the registered owner.

  • SC has 3 types or registration; Full Registration (racing and breeding), Non-Racing Registration (breeding only) and Non-Breeding & Non-Racing Registration (Pleasure horse only).

  • If you have sold or are selling a horse, it is in your right to request that the registration be converted to a Non-Breeding & Non-Racing Registration (pleasure horse only) or to a Non-Racing Registration (breeding purposes only). To do so, you will be required to forward the appropriate agreement form signed by all owners to have the ownership removed or change and the registration of the horse converted to a Non-Breeding & Non-Racing Registration or Non-Racing Registration. There is no fee to convert the registration to a Non-Breeding & Non-Racing Registration or to a Non-Racing Registration. A fee of $78.80 plus the applicable Provincial taxes is required if a transfer is also requested.

  • A registration that was previously cancelled can be converted back to a full registration (Racing & breeding) or to a Non-Racing registration (for breeding only). An “Agreement for Converted Registration” must be signed by the owner(s) that had previously requested the registration to be converted. The fee for converting the registration back is $750.00 plus your Provincial taxes.

  • A racing and/or breeding lease can be filed on any horse. If you have entered in to a lease agreement, you must file your agreement with our office. The agreement must include the commencing and ending date, any conditions that you may have and the fee of $49.00. The lease agreement must be signed by all the owner(s) and the lessee(s). In order to cancel a lease (even if the horse is being sold) a cancellation of lease agreement form must be forwarded to the SC office.

  • If a horse is not electronically registered, the original registration certificate must be returned to the Association within 3 months of the date that an application for transfer has been received. Failure to will result in the Association to complete a request for duplicate registration and the fee of $142.46 will be charged to the person who the certificate was issued to. If the registration certificate has been lost or destroyed, a notarized declaration must be completed to that effect and forwarded to SC office with the appropriate fee of $49.00.

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