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Transfer fees are based on the date of the transfer and the date the transaction is sent to our office for processing. Please refer to SC's fees. Return To Top
In order to transfer a horse from an Estate, Standardbred Canada must be provided with either of the following:
a copy of the will of the deceased, or a letter from the lawyer acting on behalf of the Estate stating who has been legally empowered to sign for the Estate each executor or executrix of the Estate is required to sign the transfer of ownership. Return To Top
Absolutely not! We urge mare owners to complete and return the applications for registration of their foals soon after each foal is born. Return To Top
Maritimes Provinces: Stephen MacLeod (902)897-5156, Quebec and Ontario East of Napanee: Daniel St-Jacques (514)290-4114, Ontario (West of Napanee): Bruce Redmond (416)580-3683, Western Provinces: James Mohorich (604)649-1119. Return To Top
Yes, in accordance with the rules, these must be paid for a qualifier. Return To Top
TROT Magazine is the largest equine magazine in Canada, every licensee in Canadian harness racing automatically receives the magazine. It is the official organ of communication for Standardbred Canada to its membership. In short, everyone in Canadian harness racing is a subscriber. Also, TROT has many subscribers throughout the United States and Europe. Return To Top
Yes, you are welcome to come in and look through our files, books, magazines, photos and videos. (Occasionally the Resource Centre is used for industry meetings and you may wish to call before you arrive.) Some of the Resource Centre's material may be borrowed by SC members, a security deposit may be required. Return To Top
The Resource Centre contains a wide range of historic and current information on harness racing and Standardbred horses. Our large collection includes past & current issues of industry magazines, foreign stud books, USTA Sires and Dams books, sales catalogues, industry reports and studies. We also collect and maintain information on trainers, drivers, breeders, horses, breeding farms and racetracks. Our computer system is capable of providing past performance lines, progeny reports, driver/trainer statistics and pedigrees. We also have books and files on such topics as lameness, veterinary medicine, breeding, shoeing, gambling, handicapping, taxation and racing events to name a few. Return To Top
Please follow this link or call the office at (905) 858-3060 ext. 233 and speak to Linda Henry. Return To Top
The racetracks are providing the feed for live racing over the Internet. Please contact the appropriate track that you are interested in. Return To Top
If a registration certificate has been lost or destroyed a duplicate registration may be obtained by completing an affidavit. The affidavit must be signed by a current member of Standardbred Canada and must be notarized by a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace. The fee for a duplicate registration certificate is $47.00 including HST. Return To Top

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