Identification Information


Standardbred Canada would like to remind all horsepeople that all foals must be parentage verified by DNA and microchipped in order to be granted registration and all racehorses will need to be microchipped in order to be eligible to race in 2022. Please contact the identification technician in your area to schedule an appointment.

If a member would like to have his horse freeze branded in addition to the microchip, the cost will be as follow:

1 or 2 horses in one location: $135.00 per horse

3 to 5 horses in one location: $120.00 per horse

6 or more horses in one location: $90.00 per horse

In order to provide a safe environment for both the members and the ID technicians, please ensure that all personnel who will be in close distance of the technician wears a mask at all times.

When presenting your foals for microchipping, please ensure that they are in controlled area (box stall, chute or trailer) with sufficient lighting and wearing halters before the arrival of the technician.

If you schedule an appointment to have the technician identify your horse and cancel within 48 hours without good cause, you will be invoiced a cancellation fee of $150.00 plus mileage ($0.75 per km).

Tous les poulains doivent avoir leur lien de parenté prouvé au moyen de l’ADN et être micropucés pour être éligible à l’enregistrement et tous les chevaux de courses devront être micropucés pour courser en 2022. Nous vous demandons de contacter le technicien d’identification de votre région pour prendre un rendez-vous.

Afin de fournir un environnement sûr pour les membres et le technicien, veuillez vous assurer que tout le personnel qui se trouvera à proximité du technicien porte un masque à tout moment.

Il est requis que lorsque vos rejetons sont présentés au technicien, ceux-ci doivent être dans un endroit contrôlé (stalle, couloir ou remorque de chevaux), dont l'éclairage est suffisant et que le(s) rejeton(s) porte(nt) un licou.

Si vous avez pris un rendez-vous avec le technicien et que vous cancellez dans les 48 heures avant le rendez-vous sans raison valable, une somme de 150,00$ vous sera facturé plus kilometrage (0,75$/km).


The fee is included in the cost of the Canadian Registration. A fee is charged if the horse is registered elsewhere, but identified in Canada.

Farm Visits:

The Identification Technician will visit farms that have horses needing permanent identification. Farm visits usually occur from Spring until Fall and can be scheduled by contacting the technician in your region:

Maritimes Provinces : Stephen MacLeod (902)897-5156
Quebec and Ontario East of Napanee : Daniel St-Jacques (514)290-4114
Ontario (West of Napanee) : Mike Pennington (416)580-3683
Manitoba: Darryl Mason (204) 523-6069
Alberta: Evelyn Sabraw  (403) 830-4190

Age For Freeze Branding:

Minimum age to microchip is one week after birth. (There is no maximum age.)

Microchip Scanners/Readers:

Member and Non-Members can purchase scanners from SC, there is two scanners available:

The Universal HomeScan Reader is the size of a cell phone and will read and display the microchip number and temperature of the equine, and requires 2 AA batteries. This scanner is available for purchase by SC members for $80, plus shipping and applicable taxes, and $$95 for non-members, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

The Universal WorldScan Reader Plus offers faster microchip detection, USB or wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It is designed for increased durability and protection against moisture, longer battery life, sleek contoured design and comes with a protective storage case. It reads the microchip number and temperature on its display and the USB and Bluetooth interfaces allow for easy electronic transfer of microchip ID codes to your phone or any computer.

The Reader Plus is priced at $375 for SC members, plus shipping and applicable taxes, or $450 for non-members plus shipping and applicable taxes.

To purchase a scanner, please contact Linda Bedard at (905) 858-3060 ext 238 or [email protected].

SC Microchip App:

It is easy to find the identity of any microchipped horse with the SC microchip App which can be downloaded and used for free. For information on where to find and download the App and to watch a video on how to use the App please Click here.

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