Could Quebec Jockey Club Shut Down?

Published: August 5, 2011 03:19 pm EDT

If members of the Quebec racing industry aren't satisfied with how the Quebec Jockey Club (QJC) is managing the sport in the province, then it will shut down, chairman Tony Infilise said in a statement posted today on its website


He said the jockey club, which resuscitated standardbred racing and internet betting in Quebec in 2010, will canvass the industry to determine the level of support for its programs and initiatives and "without support from a large majority of members in each division of ATAQ (the provincial horsemen's and owners' association), there'd be no reason to continue our activities."

Infilise's statement is a response to the fact some breeders have decided to try negotiating directly with the Quebec government for subsidies, rather than in conjunction with the QJC. He said the breeders' actions "affirm dissatisfaction with regard to the orientations and the manner the Quebec Jockey Club is managing the industry's relaunch."

"Members of the Quebec Jockey Club will accept the judgment (of ATAQ members)," Infilise said. "In the event of a lack of support, the Jockey Club will be dissolved at year's end and if there's a surplus, it will be returned to the industry in the first quarter of 2012, once year-end financial statements are finalized."

(Trot Insider exclusive by Paul Delean)



The reality in the province of quebec(la belle province) is the following, people are not interested anymore in local harness racing. all we want is a place where racing fans can go, and bet on different racetracks in north america. the decline of the horse racing industry in montreal started when the casino opened.the quebec goverment stopped funding an industry that was costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year. it would take private investors to re-build the horse racing industry in quebec. the QJC,and its partners, are capable of restarting this industry. as for the breeders, no one would be interested in paying more than a couple of thousand dollars for quebec bred horses,especially in 2011.

Gens du Québec, dites merci au Maire Labeaume qui permert à ceux qui ne peuvent oublier notre passé.

Mais l'Exposition Québec vous rejette, pas de courses de chevaux.

Que diriez-vous si au Québec on n'avait que 4 arenas , et bien il n'y aurait pas de malades du hockey au forum de Montreal.

J,ai toujours écrit qu'il fallait imiter la France et son type d'organisation, sa politique agricole, ses sociétés à but non-lucratif, son pari-mutuelses lois, ses 300 hippodromes.
Le PMU a augmenté de 8.7% depuis janvier.

Le Canadamne couvrira pas l'inflation et ajoutera un déclin au pari-mutuel.

Comment Dubois peut-il avoir et faire autant d'argent ?
Il réalise ses rêves et montre aux américains l'amélioration de l'élevage de trotteurs et commnet on peut élever, entraîner, conduire et gagner alors que Hanover shoe farm ne risque pas ses billes et se débarasse des ses produits.

Avec les politiciens que nous avons, ce ne sont pas nos membres qui sauveront le Québec.

Devenez citoyens de l'Ontario

Typical of the breeders in Quebec. Their greed over the years signed the death knell of major league Harness Racing in the province. Now they want to once again try to negate all the hard work by Tony's group to revive the sport. Every knowledgeable horseman and fan in the province knows they are poison. Mark my words, if the government pays them any heed, Quebec will be a wasteland for Harness Racing again. Just at a time when it is getting back on its feet.