Update On Artiscape

Published: June 7, 2010 11:30 am EDT

Artiscape Syndicate Manager Art Zubrod has released a very positive update in regard to the status of Artiscape, the 15-year-old Artsplace horse which underwent

surgery for colic on May 24.

Zubrod has announced that Artiscape was released from the New England Equine Practice today and will return to Winbak Farms of New York.

Zubrod had previously told Trot Insider that Artiscape had 10 feet of his small intestine removed in the surgery.

Zubrod's release states that Artiscape has been clinically normal for seven days in a row and is in excellent shape.

“I have been very impressed and appreciative of the work done by the veterinarians and staff at NEEP," Zubrod said. "We have received twice daily updates and their attention to detail has been excellent."