More On ATSS Funding Crisis

Published: May 17, 2011 10:35 am EDT

Atlantic Standardbred Breeders Association Executive Director Lynne MacLennan and Horse Racing New Brunswick Executive Director Jeff Malloy have both gone on the record in regard to the funding shortfall which has seen the

New Brunswick government cut its $100,000 contribution to the ATSS program.

An article by The Daily Gleaner has quoted MacLennan as saying that the ASBA is hoping that the funding will be replaced "within a month" so upcoming events at other provincial racetracks are not affected.

The report explains that HRNB annually contributes $50,000 to the ATSS program, and, according to MacLennan, "the ball is in their (HRNB's) court," in regard to finding funding to fill the $100,000 shortfall.

"To tell you the truth, there isn't really a game plan as far as where we can find the money," Malloy was quoted as saying. "It's going to be difficult to find. We will continue to work on it. This season, the program is in jeopardy for New Brunswick."

(With files from The Daily Gleaner)

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Funding Issue Cancels ATSS Event



It is hard to believe that a week away from the first stake race in New Brunswick, of which owners have already paid stake fees to have their horses eligible, that the event is cancelled. I would say that the individuals from HRNB and ASS Programs have dropped the ball. I must say as a multiple horse owner I am disappointed.

Let's be clear the NB Conservative government is to blame for this NOT HRNB. The Alward government withdrew it's support at the 11th hour and dropped it in the lap of HRNB to try and pick up the pieces.

With all due respect to those involved with HRNB, this matter should have been addressed long before it came to this. Breeders and horsemen/women rely on "the powers that be" to make sure that matters like this don't pop up unexpectedly. It's no wonder that the industry in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are a bloody mess.

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