NJ Gaming Licensing Passes Subcommittee

Published: December 2, 2011 11:27 am EST

On Thursday, December 1, the New Jersey Senate Government and Wagering Committee voted 4-1 in favour of allowing state racetracks and casinos to apply for licenses to be the platform for on-site sports wagering and also take internet and telephone wagers on sports betting

, according to a report.

An article on mycentraljersey.com explains that 'Vote Yes on Sports Wagering' Director William Pascrell III has also taken the opportunity to call the National Football League's stance on sports wagering somewhat hypocritical.

The report states that the NFL has been strangely quiet in regard to the Garden State's push for single-game sports wagering expansion within its borders. The NFL has “a long-held unwavering opposition to gambling on NFL games,” according to Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the league.

“Isn’t it interesting? The NFL and other major sports leagues have stood silent on this issue,” the report has quoted Pascrell as saying. In the report he also speculated that the NFL's silence could mean the powerful league is changing its perspective on sports wagering.

“Every Sunday when you turn the TV on, and every morning when you open up the newspaper, you see the betting lines (for NFL games) in a state that does not have lawful betting," Pascrell was quoted as saying. "If the NFL was consistent in its message, it would not allow (network commentators) to talk about for hours on end what the betting line is.’’

(With files from mycentraljersey.com)

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