Zeron On The Mend, To Miss Time

Published: October 11, 2011 01:50 pm EDT

One day removed from Canadian Thanksgiving, horseman Rick Zeron still has much to be thankful for

, even though he was the driver that took the brunt of a scary spill Saturday, October 8 at Woodbine Racetrack in suburban Toronto.

When contacted Tuesday, October 11 by Trot Insider, Zeron couldn't say that he was lucky enough times.

During the second quarter of Race 6, the veteran horseman had his mount, Blended Whiskey, covered up in the outer flow as the field was headed for the half. In a heartbeat, the horse that was leading the overland charge, the Jason Brewer-driven Whippet Good, fell to the track. The horses and drivers that were following Whippet Good were all thrown into harm's way. Horses and drivers alike came crashing down on the track, but it was Zeron who would be carted away to nearby Etobicoke General Hospital.

"After hitting the track I don't remember anything," Zeron told Trot Insider. "I didn't know where I was Sunday."

Zeron may not have known where he was Sunday due to the after-effects of a sustained concussion, but what he did know was that he was in rough shape.

"I ripped my left rotator cuff straight out," Zeron explained. "My shoulder and the whole side of my face is black and blue. I'm convinced that if I didn't stick my arm out to protect my head I would've broken my neck when I hit the track. The accident could've been avoided."

Zeron also told Trot Insider that he can't move his arm very well, although there is nothing broken and nothing torn. "I am scheduled to see a surgeon Wednesday at Etobicoke General to see whether or not I am going to need surgery," he said.

Zeron wasn't alone at Etobicoke General, and has offered his heartfelt thanks to those that were there when he needed them.

"The thoroughbred and standardbred reverends dropped in and so did Scott McKelvie --- it was nice to see that the management at WEG cared and took the time to come over and see how I was doing.

"Also, Scott (Rick's son, driver Scott Zeron) and my nephew, Jeff Chapman, have been a great help since I went down. They followed the ambulance to the hospital. The people at the hospital did a good job. They took X-Rays, ran CAT Scans and conducted an MRI as well."

Although 'The Whip' may not have known what happened or where his was on Sunday, he was in good hands. After being discharged from Etobicoke General early Sunday morning, Scott drove Rick up to the cottage where the pair would go on to take in Thanksgiving festivities with roughly 15 family members.

"You don't know how many friends you have until something like this happens," Rick said. "I've had 60 calls and 45 MSNs that I'm trying to respond to."

Rick told Trot Insider that he will be taking some time away from the track to ensure that he has no issues when he returns.

"A lot of my guys, including Scott, have stepped up and have told me that they will step in to ensure my operation doesn't miss a beat," Rick said. "I'm not coming back until I'm 100 per cent. Looking further down the road, I'm looking forward to this time next year because I'm going to have some really nice horses for some big races."

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Hi Rick -

Very scary watching that accident, makes me realize that every time you guys go out there you are in danger.

Thanks for being a great driver. You have driven my brothers horses this year and made us very happy with your success. You always try, and give them great drives.

We miss you already. We hope to see you back soon.


Dear Rick, we were sorry to hear about your accident but were relieved to hear that the prospects of a complete recovery are good. We wish you a speedy recovery and will be looking forward to be seeing you on the track soon. John and Hope Johnson.

Rick, after Connaught Park I thought you could survive anything. Best wishes for a perfect recovery. John Findley

hope you heal well.have a speedy recovery,, and may THE LORD BLESS YOU. Mike

Rick, if your friends and family were there for you, its because you have been there for them all these years. Get well soon.

Great attitude as you say it could have been a lot worse --- get well soon we've got a Peach engagement Nov.12th------- feel better from Mike, Roz, Reesa and Shawn

Rick...Glad you are taking the proper time to mend and not rushing back...Having Joyce at your side and her positive energy, plus the rest of your families support I expect you will be back sooner then anyone might think....Feel better everyday!!!!

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