Guilty Trainer Receives Death Threats

Published: January 12, 2012 01:48 pm EST

It has been reported that Dean Atkinson, one of the trainers charged in the Down Under swabbing scandal, has asked for the court be closed during his evidence due to receiving death threats from a horse owner


According to an article by The Sydney Morning Herald, Atkinson has pleaded guilty to having given former steward Matthew Bentley money to not test one of his horses, The Reluctant Dancer, after two races in 2011.

The report has cited Atkinson as saying, ''there are some things in the brief (of evidence) which leads me to fear for my family."

Harness Racing New South Wales Regulatory Manager Reid Sanders also referenced threats in the report. He stated that he has "also been subject to verbal … or particular threats and I'm very mindful of the request that has been made by Mr. Atkinson and his wife.''

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