Get Your Racing Film Fix In May

Published: May 4, 2011 12:04 pm EDT

If you've recently had an itch to take in a horse racing movie, then clear your Tuesdays for the month of May


Turner Classic Movies has announced that 'Playing the Ponies -- Tuesdays in May' will showcase some of the greatest horseracing-related films of all time.

Films which are scheduled to be aired include National Velvet (1944), International Velvet (1978), Black Beauty (1946), The Story of Seabiscuit (1949), Glory (1956) and much more.

TCM is available in Canada.

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In reply to by Erin Hackney

HELLO, How right you are about the short list of movies with a harness racing team. Other than DAN PATCH one must see APRIL LOVE with PAT BOONE, it's a good feel movie.

But the BEST MOVIE about harness racing is the one I have written myself and yet to be produced.
I send copies to producers and to some people at Standardbred Canada and the U.S.T.A but nobody cared.

The story takes place at the HIPPODROME de MONTRÉAL, in the great days of the PRIX D'ÉTÉ and is biligual. FRENCH and ENGLISH, it the best COURSE-SOUS-HARNAIS tradition. It involves pretty MARIANNE who has inerited a beautiful grey trotter that she stubbornly train herself. MARIANNE is the laughing stock of the stable area because she swears that the colt is the reincarnation of her dead UNCLE WILLIE. WILLIE, who was a prominenent trainer-driver, died tragicaly in a racing accident. The story also involved a bunch of young orphans and their beautiful french trotting mare PRINCESSE CLAIRETTE. The kids, raging from 7 to 14 were adopted by TI=JEAN GAGNÉ et his wife sexy EVA. Ti=Jean is a flamboyant driver with a pleasant singing voice that has great effect of the behavior of the flashy PRINCESSE and the orphans. It's like THE SOUND OF MUSIC with trotters intead of nuns.


If someone really care, we could produce the film for 10 million dollars. Better hurry because they are going to demolish BLUE BONNETS very soon and we would not have no more scenery.




There are some harness racing themed movies --How about "Home in Indiana" and it's musical remake -- "April Love" and "The Green Grass of Wyoming" and "The Tattooed Police Horse" ??? There are probably others, too, but for some reason they just never get shown! I will admit they're pretty 'hokey' but they're still fun to watch!!!!!

I always wondered why there aren't more harness racing themed movies out there. About the only one I know of is "the Great Dan Patch". How many people went to see Seabiscuit and Secretariat when those movies came out? There are many great stories in harness racing, why hasn't anyone made these stories into feature films? When we're talking about new ways to bring people into the sport, I think that would be a great way to bring awareness of the sport to the general public.