Ontario Prospect Series Clarification

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Published: May 17, 2022 04:05 pm EDT

The Ontario Sires Stakes program kicks off at Flamboro Downs this weekend with the opening events of the three-year-old Prospect Series on Saturday, May 21 and the Grassroots opener for the three-year-old pacing colts on Sunday, May 22.

The first Prospect Series leg for the three-year-olds has two racing opportunities, the ‘1A’ leg at Flamboro Downs on Saturday, May 21 and the ‘1B’ leg at The Raceway at the Western Fair District on Tuesday, May 31.

Horses can compete in either ‘1A’ or ‘1B’, or both, but once they compete in a Prospect Series leg numbered ‘1’, they cannot compete in the first Grassroots or Gold leg. A start in any event that starts with ‘1’, whether Gold, Grassroots or Prospect, prevents a horse from competing in the ‘1’ leg of another level.

For example, a three-year-old trotting colt that starts at Flamboro Downs in the ‘1A’ Prospect Series leg and/or at The Raceway at the Western Fair District in the ‘1B’ Prospect Series leg cannot move to the Grassroots or Gold Series until the second leg at Rideau Carleton Raceway on July 10.

With a total of eight racing opportunities over the course of the season, some of the three-year-old Prospect Series legs have just one racing opportunity opposite the same numbered Grassroots and Gold Series event.

The first Grassroots and Gold Series events for the two-year-olds do not have a corresponding Prospect Series leg. The two-year-old Prospect Series events all have an ‘A’ and ‘B’ opportunity numbered against the second through fifth Grassroots and Gold Series events. (Click here for the full schedule.)

Ontario Sires Stakes staff will be on hand at Flamboro Downs on Saturday and Sunday to answer any questions participants have about the 2022 Prospect, Grassroots and Gold Series program.

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