Minor Change To Ontario Racing Program

Published: March 16, 2011 01:57 pm EDT

An application to increase the maximum number of races per day permitted for a Premier Card under the Ontario Racing Program (Program) was received by the Implementation and Monitoring Group

(IM Group) and considered. Jamie Martin of Woodbine Entertainment Group submitted an application to increase the maximum for a Premier Card from 12 to 13 races.

Click here to view a copy of the application.

The IM Group agreed that a change to the Program was warranted for the following reasons:

  1. Premier Cards are distributed domestically and internationally and must have the flexibility to maximize the wagering product where demand is at the highest level.
  2. The success of the Ontario Racing Program is dependent on the growth and strength of its Premier Cards.
  3. The wagering statistics submitted by WEG provide support for the application.
  4. The mandate of the IM Group is to implement and monitor the elements of the Ontario Racing Program and to ensure the Program is flexible enough to change, where the need for change is demonstrated and determined to be warranted.
  5. The results of this change will continue to be monitored to ensure levels are not reached that would otherwise indicate the need for additional race dates.

The IM Group recommended the change to Program to the Director of the Ontario Racing Commission.

Following a consideration of the application and the recommendation of the IM Group, the director approved the change to the Ontario Racing Program, changing the maximum number of races per day for Premier Card from 12 to 13.