OHRIA: Help Hamilton Councillors Stand Up For Flamboro

Published: February 13, 2013 08:33 am EST

In a letter issued Tuesday night, OHRIA President Sue Leslie echoed the calls of Hamilton city councillors to show support for expanded gaming at Flamboro Downs.

On Thursday, February 14, council will convene at Hamilton City Hall (71 Main St. West, Hamilton, Ont.) at 1:00 p.m. Councillor Sam Merulla will be moving a motion that would require a new casino in Hamilton to be located at the Flamboro Downs racetrack.

Councillor Partridge, who represents Ward 15 in Flamborough, is asking for industry participants to attend the meeting and ensure their voices are heard.

"This Thursday Hamilton City Council will vote on a critical motion that will impact everyone involved in the horse racing and breeding industry in Ontario. We need to be there to show our support," noted Leslie. "We need to do everything we can to ensure this motion passes."



We have participated in almost all rallies from Feb. of last year. The turnouts have been fewer and fewer. Surely if you want to keep horse racing in Ontario you would want to do something?
Hamilton is a key location for the OLG, they have been putting pressure on city council, they have been changing the "due date" for a casino answer, they are trying everything possible to make Hamilton okay a downtown casino. They (the OLG, the Liberal gov't. and the Mercanti's) are using all means possible to sway the city council and mayor to vote for a downtown casino. They seem to get prime time TV and radio spots - the Hamilton media are all pro downtown casino - why? We need a strong showing of horse people tomorrow to show support to the knowledgable council members who have been consistent with their verbal/written support of Flamboro Downs.
If we can't fight for Flamboro Downs now, we won't get another chance.

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Flamboro Downs is now the primary site for a casino location mandated by the Hamilton city council. This was a change in policy by the OLG.

How do the other racetracks feel after signing temporary agreements with the OLG?
The city council of Ottawa was told they could not have the casino at Rideau Carleton raceway and were required to locate the casino downtown Ottawa.

At what point does the Liberal government make the OLG accountable for all of the lies and deception?

From what she has said so far, Wynne has no interest in reviewing this OLG privatization plan and the devastation it has caused to rural Ontario.
She says Ontario horse racing has to down-size. Why...the SARP program was the most profitable job-supporting program in the province.

Why did temporary acting Premier Kathleen Wynne take on the Agriculture portfolio? Is it because she wanted to ensure the OLG privatization plan was not stopped?

Bottom line the Liberals have shown that they cannot be trusted. Over and over again their personal agenda is more important than the good of the province.
They are all cut from the same cloth.

The PCs will not support the upcoming Liberal budget. The last chance of stopping the destruction of Ontario harness racing is to put the pressure on Andrea Horwath to force an election now. Her support of the Liberal agenda will kill harness racing should she approve the upcoming budget.
Write her with your story and make her understand that if she stands for democracy and personal integrity, she must allow the people of Ontario to choose their Premier. Not a Premier appointed by a proven untrustworthy governing party.


Well if the same few horseman that have shown up to all the other things they have been asked to support, it won't be a great turn out. However if every trainer , owner,driver who has ever raced at Flamborough would show up with the rest we could show up with the numbers we need. I hope someone can light a fire under these guys, noone has been able to ,to this point. Do people think the 2 year deal WEG has is the best we can do? We are an industry of 30,000 full time people supposedly lets try and make it look like we really do care. This is our chance. Ronda Markle

46 Days till March 31. If you don't participate, you share in the result. Thursday, tomorrow, 1:00 PM, Hamilton City Hall.

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