No Recipient For Cam Fella Award

Published: January 5, 2012 11:21 am EST

Standardbred Canada today announced there will not be a 2011 recipient for the Cam Fella Award


The Cam Fella Award, named in honour of the world-class standardbred, Cam Fella, is awarded for extreme recent meritorious service to the Canadian harness racing industry. Because of his unparalleled contributions to the sport of harness racing, Standardbred Canada established the Cam Fella Award in 1997 with 'Cam' the initial recipient. The award is given, when warranted, to an individual or group that has displayed some of those same qualities that made Cam Fella one of the greatest names in Canadian harness racing.

A national committee of 16, representing the standardbred community, vote by secret ballot on nominees put forth. A winner must receive a simple majority of the votes to receive the Cam Fella Award.

Canadian-owned, trained and driven, Cam Fella was an outstanding racehorse in the early 1980s. He won 56 races, over $2 million in purses and two consecutive Horse of the Year titles in North America. As a stallion, Cam sired numerous World Champions and horses with earnings in excess of $106 million. Unfortunately, Cam suffered from testicular cancer and was, in turn, retired from breeding in 1997. Cam Fella and his trainer-driver Pat Crowe reunited for a Good Will Tour of Canada and the United States in 1997, which generated a tremendous amount of positive media coverage for harness racing. Cam died in May of 2001 at the Kentucky Horse Park, where he had lived for several years and served as an outstanding ambassador of the standardbred breed.

Past winners of the Cam Fella Award are listed below.

• 1997 - Cam Fella
• 2000 - The Honourable Michael D. Harris
• 2003 - The Honourable Mitchell Murphy
• 2004 - Armstrong Bros. Farm
• 2005 - Dr. David C. Reid
• 2006 - Ralph Klein
• 2007 - Ann Curran
• 2008 - Somebeachsomewhere
• 2009 - Ross Galbraith
• 2010 - Admirals Express

The creation of the Cam Fella Award was the harness racing industry’s way of ensuring that Cam’s contribution to the sport is never forgotten.



With all the press San Pail got this year one would think he would be a shoein.

I'm in full agreement with Mr. Erie's suggestion. Give Cam Fella the recognition that he so greatly deserves at one of our top harness racing venues.

Just a quick thought,at the grandstand entrance of woodbine there is a statue of NORTHERN DANCER,deservedly so, BUT!!! there should also be a statue ressurected of CAM FELLA at either woodbine or mohawk beacause he was the greatest canadian standardbred canada has ever offered on the track and even moreso in the breeding shed. Please let everyone who never knew cam fella be aware of what his did and is still doing for canadian harness and harness racing in general.

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