ORC Clarifies Custody Of Claimed Horses In Test Barn

Published: January 16, 2013 04:50 pm EST

New rule changes approved by the Ontario Racing Commission Board in December have clarified a number of procedural issues related to the Test Barn and associated retention area.

In the case where a claimed horse is required to go to the test barn, physical custody of that horse will not pass from the original owner to the new owner until the testing procedure has been completed and the horse released.

This change was approved to ensure that the original owner (or their representative) is in attendance for the test, as those interests will be responsible in the case of a positive test.

For more information on the following notice and directives please follow the links below.

Notice to the Industry - ORC approves rule changes clarifying custody of claimed horses in the test barn
2013 Standardbred Directive 1
2013 Thoroughbred Directive 1




Its about time the ORC got this claims in the Test Barn sorted out, as it has been an ongoing pain in the #&@ issue for years.

TB's have been doing it this way for well more then 10 years with no issues as to who's suppose to bath or walk the claimed horse and it keeps the responsible parties responsible for their horse and sample like they are suppose to be while in Test.

Thank you, I just hope there is racing industry for the Claimed horses to race in.