Baymount Given Deadline

Published: August 5, 2009 02:24 pm EDT

The ongoing saga with Baymount Incorporated's proposed construction of a racetrack in Belleville may soon come to a conclusion if the local racing licence holder has its way


Quinte Exhibition and Raceway president Doug Rollins told The Belleville Intelligencer that Baymount will have to start work on the track this month - the one-year anniversary of the groundbreaking ceremony - or his group will negotiate with other partners for the project.

“We’ve more or less given them until September 1 and, by then, if nothing’s happened we’ll start the process of getting out of the deal with them,” Rollins told The Intelligencer. “If it doesn’t happen we’ll go to our lawyer and tell him to start the proceedings to have the contract with Baymount taken out because the licence is still in our name.”

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This whole mess has been handled dreadfully by parties at both sides of the table.
As James correctly notes, monies were not in hand even as recently as this May!
I feel so sorry for the racing families who have been victimized and have had
their investments damaged, possibly beyond repair!
Even the Government is not blameless. They could have had a racetrack up and running in North Bay ( Nippissing Raceway) at the start of 2008, but did not want to go into
a "cold" Market (without an established racing fraternity).

1 Year since ground breaking but 3 years since the project was approved. What kind of effort is this? What's next? Baymount puts a shovel in the dirt for a few days to show their intent then go away till spring and better construction weather and the Ag society goes along with the charade. The simple fact is Baymount was financially unprepared to be considered as a partner to this project. At the time of this article, they still don't have the money to proceed. Who in their right mind would partner with them under those circumstances? What's really going on?