Race For Grooms Upcoming

Published: August 31, 2010 10:07 am EDT

Monticello Raceway, the Catskill Mountain racetrack that has offered such events as the Battle of the Bosses, the Legal Eagle Pace, the Elephantonian, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pace, the Au Revoir, the Lady Godiva, the Metamucil Mile, the Little Grey Jug, and the Passover Pace, to name a few, is at it again.

Coming on Wednesday, September 8 and Thursday, September 9 the 'Mighty M' will present the Caretakers Classic, and race on each date with the horses to be driven by caretakers from the track's backstretch.

After the fifth race next Wednesday and Thursday, five caretakers will line up behind the mobile starting gate and compete over the usual one-mile distance in jog carts without the use of whips.

“The caretakers are often under appreciated, but if you ask any horsemen they’ll tell you that they are among the most important people for any trainer's success," noted Alan Schwartz, the president of the Monticello Harness Horsemen’s Association. “We have often been asked about having a race for the caretakers and finally it will come to fruition next week.”

Currently there are 10 caretakers ready to rumble, of which only Constance Lawrence will be carrying the staff for the gals on those days. The nine other caretakers who will be competing will be announced in the near future.




Caretaker Race - will this only be done in the US of A? (pity), -- why not CANADA too EH?!!

I think this is a great idea, not to mention an innovative promotion for the racing industry as many of their friends would come to watch this main event.

It would also give recognition and thanks to this group of hard working people, who give up much of their family life, and social life, to keep things running smoothly at the track on race nites. My compliments to your leaders on this one!