Casino Bidder Under Investigation

Published: August 19, 2012 02:30 pm EDT

Las Vegas Sands, a company that has indicated serious interest in the Ontario casino market, is under investigation in Nevada to determine whether the company broke bribery laws in securing casinos is mainland China.

According to a report from Reuters, the company which is responsible for the majority of gaming dollars in Macau, is currently under investigation by the Nevada Gaming and Control Board. This investigation comes on top of reviews by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Among other issues, it highlighted tens of millions of dollars spent through intermediaries to secure space for the Adelson Center for U.S.-China Enterprise, a nonprofit Beijing project intended as a resource for American companies pursuing ventures in China that was later shelved. It is unclear where all of that money ended up."

According to news reports, in late July, the casino giant "officially" entered the running to build a Toronto casino.

In May, while discussing Toronto’s waterfront as a prime spot for an “iconic” casino-resort, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. chair Paul Godfrey cited lavish Marina Bay Sands in Singapore as a possible model.

Las Vegas Sands is one of several companies that have indicated an interest in the OLGs "Modernization Strategy" for gaming in the province. Earlier this year, the government announced it would end the current Slots at Racetracks program and has begun a Request For Proposal process to determine which companies will build gaming facilities in the province.



At the same time, MGM has been forced to sell its half share in the Borgata casino in New Jersey because of "unsuitable" business connections in Macau. It seems these casino giants breed corruption and provide a profitable home for the scum of the earth. Do we really need this garbage in our province? Has the OLG and the government lost the moral compass that has defined the people of Ontario for so many years?

Just have to appreciate investigative reporting. The stuff always gets found out. It is unclear where all that money ended up. ????? Someone will make a movie about all this when the dust clears. Meanwhile we wait and see just how many game players are about to get exposed. Bruce T. Winning

Just like a rotten onion, the more layers you peel back the worse it gets. I wonder if the bribery investigations are starting to make anyone nervous??

This is the kind of garbage the Liberals and the people of Ontario can expect to deal with if they intend on jumping in bed with people like this to operate the slots here. They just don't seem to know how good they have had it by being in partnership with the tracks and horsepeople.

Jeeeez I wonder if this whole deal isn't corrupt from the get go. Its organized crime what's going on with this liberal gov. In 5 years time half these crooks will be in prison for the shady deals that are taking place to kill horse racing