Drivers Don't Want To Pay $25 Charge

Published: August 11, 2011 11:23 am EDT

According to a report, a decade-old policy of charging drivers an admission fee to access the PEI Provincial Exhibition have now forced the sulky sitters to speak out


An article by the CBC has quoted driver Dylan Andrew as saying that his fellow reinsmen help put on a show at the exhibition grounds and that they should be exempt of the charge.

"Twenty-five dollars for the week is just outrageous, I know this is a bigger venue and everything but I don't think it justifies a $25 charge at the door," Andrew was quoted as saying.

(With files from the CBC)



I agree with Dylan 100%. I think it is ridiculous to charge the folks who risk their lives to put on a show..... As the P.E.I. government really are the owners and operators of this venue, I think the horsemen should direct their concerns with this policy to the government members. All the best.

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