Ritchie Reflects On Driving Career

Published: July 22, 2014 09:58 am EDT

"Whenever you go across the wire first, you get that rush. I'm going to miss that rush."

This past Saturday on Maple Leaf Trot night, a driver who had won that race three times and recently retired took time to reflect on a career full of highlights.

Trevor Ritchie, who announced his retirement on the SC website two weeks ago, was the special guest of Woodbine Entertainment for the Maple Leaf Trot and discussed his five decades of driving with WEG's Greg Gangle before Saturday's card on Mohawk Racing Live.

(Video courtesy WEG; photo courtesy New Image Media)



My late father is the one responsible (or guilty if you talk to my wife) for taking me to the track as a youngster. He rarely won - but definitely played the longshots. We went to the North America Cup in 86 and Dad (R.I.P.) liked what he saw on the 6 horse - Quite a Sensation. He had quite the thrill in the stretch, and bragged all the way home.

Thanks for the memories, Trevor - Best wishes.

Trevor, thanks for all the memories in your own right, you were quite a sensation yourself. The 1986 North American cup was the first for me.

I fully understand your reasons for retiring. I myself had lower back surgery in 1997 and in the last three years, I have been struggling with a pinched nerve in my neck. So I am thankful to watch you race as long as you did and I respect your decision, though I am going to miss you. Hopefully your health will allow you to come to legends day 2015 in Clinton Raceway and compete for one race.

Thanks again for all the memories.