Henderson Could Face Five-Year Ban

Published: June 23, 2009 11:00 am EDT

The British Horseracing Authority determined yesterday that Nicky Henderson, trainer of a thoroughbred owned by The Queen, had administered a banned substance

to a horse on February 19, 2009 at Huntingdon.

A report by guardian.co.uk states that during a seven-hour hearing in London yesterday -- in addition to admitting to the administration of tranexamic acid (Cyclokapron), used to prevent internal bleeding -- Henderson admitted a number of more minor breaches of the rules of racing in regard to the case in question. He admitted to being in breach of Rule 200, in that he "allowed, or caused to be administered, or connived at the administration of, tranexamic acid …either with the intention of affecting her racing performance or in the knowledge that her racing performance could be affected by such."

The article states that Henderson declined to comment on the situation yesterday, and that his only comment on the situation came last month via the National Trainers' Federation. His comment last month stated that, "the substance concerned was administered by my vet entirely in the interests of the horse's welfare, which is always paramount. There was no intention to enhance performance."

The BHA could suspend Henderson's licence for up to five years. To date, the largest fine imposed on any British trainer is £20,000, which was handed down to Michael Wigham in March 2008.

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(With files from the guardian.co.uk)

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