SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind: Picture Parade
Published: June 15, 2024 10:51 am EDT

In this week's Rewind Robert Smith offers up the monthly featured Picture Parade. This grouping of mainly  older photos are all related to the annual event many of us celebrate this weekend called Father's Day. Always observed on Sunday, this year's date on the calendar is June 16th.  Each photo involves a father and son or daughter of someone involved in harness racing.  

Included in this week's pictures are a number of modern day racing participants as well as several from yesteryears.  They are intended to not only test the identifying skills of the readers but also to show a wide range of fathers and their children. 

Picture Parade

#1 - Can you identify these folks from quite a few years ago? 

Picture Parade

#2 - This picture should be pretty easy pickins.  Who are they?  

Picture Parade

#3 - Dad is probably saying "Do it like this..." Who is this father-son combo?  

Picture Parade

#4 - A bit of a three-generation grouping here.  Bet not too many will miss this great shot. Who is it? 

Picture Parade

#5 - Can you correctly name this father-son duo pictured at a father's day race gathering many years ago?  U.S. folks but the son has strong ties to Canada. 

Picture Parade

#6 - No clues given on this one! Who are they?  

Picture Parade

#7 - These folks are U.S. based but no strangers to the audience I'm sure.  Glad to have Mom in the picture.  Who is it?  

Picture Parade

#8 - We just may have three generations here as well and it shouldn't stump too many.  Who is it?  

Picture Parade

#9 - This one goes back to the old days at Old Woodbine.  Can you name this father-son duo? 

Picture Parade

#10 - Can you identify this father and daughter duo?  Claus Andersen Photo 

Closing Notes: I would like to extend a Happy Father's Day greeting to all fathers and father figures in the reading audience.  My loving wife recently reminded me of what I said when our youngest daughter got married many years ago.  I can't recall my exact words but the essence was that I never wanted to be on a world series winner or anything grandiose. My hope was to be a loving father and husband and have a happy life.  I can indeed say that my "dream" has more than come true.  P.S. - Being a grandfather for many years has also been a joy! 

Quote For The Week: I heard this one a long time ago.  

"When I was 16 my father and I couldn't agree on anything.  We argued, we fought,  we were constantly at each other's throats.  By the time I reached 21 everything had changed.  We were the best of friends, respecting each other's opinions and seldom exchanged a discourteous word.  I still can't believe how much my father learned in those five short years."  


Blast from the Past



The correct answers to this week's "Picture Parade" photos are shown below:

#1 - Benoit Cote and father Del on the right
#2 - Carl Jamieson with son Jody on the right
#3 - Lucien "Loosh" Fontaine with young son Marc on the right
#4 - McNair family with Dad Gregg holding wee one and son Doug on the right
#5 - Sid Moiseyev at the top and son Jack lower
#6 - Rick and Scott Zeron
#7 - Rod Allen on the left with Mom Mae centre and Dad Carl
#8 - Sylvain Filion left with Dad Yves and little Stella - Rose in between (love this picture)
#9 - Father Levi "Jiggs" McFadden in the sulky, son Ted close by.
#10 - Nancy Takter and Dad Jimmy share the Hambo trophy.
Thanks folks for your answers and kind comments.

My guess is Jack Mehlenbacher & Jerry or Jack Jr.
This is how old I am......I don't know how the youngster got in to the Grandstand as I had to watch thru the fence from the parking lot.

1: Benoit ,Adélard Coté
2: Carl , Jody Jamieson
3: William, Mark , Gilmour
4: Gregg, Doug , McNair
5: Sid, Jack Moiseyev
6: Rick, Scott, Zeron
7: Rodney, Mae Jean. Carl, Allen
8: Sylvain, Yves. Filion
9: Del, Duncan, MacTavish
10: Nancy, Jimmy, Takter

1.BenC ote and dad
4 The McNairs
6 Rick Zeron and son Scott
8 Yves filion and son Sylvain

Ben, Del . 2. Carl, Jody 3. Loosh, Marc 4. Greg, Doug and Greg's youngest 5. Jack, Sid 6. Rick, Scott 7. Carl, Mae Jean, Rod 8. Sylvain, Yves , Rose 9. Hmm Morrie Mcdonald? 10. Jimmy, Nancy.

1 Ben Cote 2 Carl and Jody Jamieson 3 ? 4 Doug and Gregg Mc Nair 5 Sid and Jack Mosieyev 6 Rick and Scott Zeron 7 Carl and Rod Allen 8 Sylvain and Yves Filion 9? 10 Nancy and Jimmy Takter

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