Premier Wynne Attends Cup Night

Published: June 15, 2013 09:15 pm EDT

Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne was on hand at Mohawk Racetrack on Saturday night for the 30th edition of the North America Cup, and made two special presentations.

"I want to congratulate Mohawk on 50 years of good, strong industry in the province and I want to say that the reason I'm here is because I want us to have a strong horse racing industry in the province of Ontario," said Wynne. "I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that we can have a horse racing industry that's strong for years and years to come. Another 50 years for Mohawk!"

Wynne presented Woodbine Entertainment Group CEO Nick Eaves with two certificates from the province of Ontario, congratulating WEG for 50 years of harness racing at Mohawk and for 30 years of conducting the prestigious North America Cup .

Wynne then concluded with an address to the horse racing industry.

"I want to work with you, I look forward to - as I say - many, many more years of a strong horse racing industry in Ontario."

Prior to the presentation, Wynne took time to talk to horsemen in the paddock and on the tarmac in front of the grandstand.



Well at least she had the courtesy and decency to attend. She's a fine lady.

Some years ago Henry Smallwood raced a horse around here named "Lesstalkmoreaction" and that is exactly what our industry needs today - Less Talk and More Action! But it seems to me all we get is More Talk and Less Action like this fluff. C'mon Wynne - admit your mistakes, reinstate SARP with the needed NEGOTIATED tweaks and recreate this strong industry about which you keep talking!

Nice words from Premier Wynne. Will her actions match those words? What a terrible shame that this didn't happen earlier so that many dedicated and hard-working horsepeople across the province could have remained employed in the industry. Those of us who have managed to hang on are still in limbo as to what our future looks like down the road. Now we wait until October to get yet another report.

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