Ex-Military Officer To Watch Derby Winner

Published: May 16, 2011 12:48 pm EDT

If your charge had just won the Kentucky Derby and had its sights set on the Preakness Stakes, what would your next move be in the meantime? How about hiring an ex-military man?

A report by dailymail.co.uk explains that Barry Irwin, owner of 2011 Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom, has decided to hire an ex-military watchman to keep an eye on his charge. Irwin, the vocal headman of Animal Kingdom's ownership, 'Team Valor,' has made the decision after having aired some controversial statements.

After being asked why Team Valor's 30 horses are all conditioned by one trainer, Irwin explained that previous trainers that he had employed had lied to him. He also stated spoke out against the use of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids within the horse racing industry.

"It's an additional presence to take care of the hours between day security and nightwatchman," Irwin said about the hiring of the watchman. "He's an ex-military man and I'm confident he can keep an eye on things.

"I'm just trying to be cautious because my trainer and I have been very vocal about medication use. We are prime targets if anyone is minded to do something. At the barn it's out in the open, it's not like being at the racetrack."

(With files from dailymail.co.uk)