SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind: Picture Parade - Mother's Day edition
Published: May 12, 2024 09:51 am EDT

This week's edition of Rewind is the regular monthly feature known as Picture Parade. This time the theme is tied to a very special day on the annual calendar which occurs this year on Sunday, May 12 and it is Mother's Day.  Robert has displayed a number of old photographs that contain pictures of people who are mothers from harness racing families. 

I would like to extend a very Happy Mother's Day to everyone in the Rewind audience on this special day. We all owe much to our own mother and also to many other great women who have been part of our extended families and thus had an effect on our upbringing and well being.  I was privileged to have a wonderful mother who of course has long since departed but I thank her for her love and understanding and apologize for not paying closer attention to her words. To my wonderful wife I am forever indebted for her dedication to motherhood and also our daughters who are also mothers and have learned from her caring example. 

Picture Parade

#1 - Can you identify this person who is no longer with us but remembered  as we observe Mother's Day?

Picture Parade

#2 - This lady has played an ongoing role in our sport and is the mother of some pretty well known individuals. Can you name her? 

Picture Parade

#3 - This is a youthful picture of a lady that is no longer with us but is still represented by numerous family members, including her daughters.   Who is she?

Picture Parade

#4 - The lady on the far right passed away a number of years ago but she still has several children and grandchildren remaining. Who is she?

Picture Parade

#5 - This one can't be too tough and we may have a two for one here. Who do we have?

Picture Parade

#6 - This one goes back a very long way but I have a feeling many viewers will get it.

Picture Parade

#7 - Can you name this lady who has been a part of the sport and a mother as well. Who is she? 

Picture Parade

#8 - Can you identify this well known mother from days past? 

Picture Parade

#9 - This gal has served the sport in many ways and perhaps most importantly as a mother.  Who is she? 

Picture Parade

#10 - This lady made her way to a spot in the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.  She also was a mother.  Can you identify her?

Quote For The Week: I recently read this quote included in an obituary and want to repeat it today. "Life does not come with a manual; it does come with a Mother." 

Blast From The Past 

Picture Parade

Can you identify who these racing silks belonged to?



The correct answers to this week's "Picture Parade"  photos are shown below:
#1 -  Glenna Clements from Dobbinton, Ont., mother of Peter and Carol 
#2 -  Gail MacDonald, mother of Mark, Anthony, James and more ...
#3 -  Jean Walker, later Mrs. Peter Thibaudeau, mother of Carrie, Lori and Vicki
#4 -   Mable Duford, mother of Rodney, Jerry and Dennis 
#5 -   Paula Campbell, mother of Lisa, Michelle and Brittany and Florence Campbell mother of John, Joanne, Jim .
#6 -  Aline White and husband Roger with baby in hospital
#7 -  Jean Wellwood, mother of Paula 
#8 -  Alice Kopas, mother of John and Roger
#9 - Brenda Walker, mother of Julie, Christine and I don't know her son's name (sorry) 
#10 - Mildred Williams 
Blast From The Past - The silks shown were the ones worn by the pictured lady Dottie Haughton 

Thanks to everyone who joined in on identifying the wonderful mothers connected with our sport. A special thank you to Hector for his well chosen words. I will have to be on the lookout for more "mother" pictures as my supply of unused ones has been nearly exhausted.

Robert , fabulous tribute for all women on Mothers Day !! Harness racing has benefited immensely because of their glittering presence in our community .

It is heartwarming to see your photos of the "real stars" in our sport . Most have already been identified except for number six is the beauteous Aline White and her handsome husband Roger White with their young child .

Number 1 is Glenna Clements Number 2 is Fred MacDonald and his wife Number 3 is Jean “Walker” Theaubdeau number 4 is Mrs Wilford Dudford number 5 is Paula and Mrs Campbell Johns Wife and mother number 6 Aline White Rogers wife with new born baby number 7 is Jean Wellwood number 8 is Alice Kopas number 9 is Brenda Walker number 10 is Mildred Williams . Racing Silks - Dottie Haughton

6: Roger White and Aline baby...
Billy Haughton silk

#1 Curtis Clements' mom
#2 James McDonald's mother
#4 My grandma Mabel Duford and uncle Jerry
#5 John Campbell and his mother and girlfriend
#7 Bill Wellwood's wife
#8 Jack Kopas and wife Alice Kopas
#9 Brenda Walker

Blast from the past
Billy Haughton

1Glenna Clements
2. Mrs. MacDonald
3. Jean Walker Thibaudeau
4. Mrs. Duford
5. Paula Campbell, Mrs. Jack Campbell
6. Mrs. Roger White
7.Jean Wellwood
8.Alice Kopas
9. Brenda Walker
10. Mildred Williams
11.Dorothy Haughton

1. Glenna Clements 2. Gail Macdonald 3. ? 4. Mrs Wilf Duford 5. John, Paula and Mrs Campbell 6. Alaine White 7. Jean Wellwood 8. Alice Kopas 9. Mrs Paul Walker 10. Mildred Williams. Blast Dottie Haughton and Dottie Haughton.

1 Glenna Clements 4 Mrs Duford 5 Paula Campbell and Mrs Campbell 7 Jean Wellwood 8 Alice Kopas 9 Brenda Walker 10 Midred Williams Racing silks Billy Haughton

5. John Campbell's mom
8. Alice Kopas
9. Brenda Walker
10. Mildred Williams
Peter Haughton silks

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Mothers.
I love your quote Robert. It certainly does start with our Mother.

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