Aussie Driver Uses His Head

Published: April 27, 2009 01:03 pm EDT

The nose-to-helmet scenario is not a fun situation for anyone, not even for the best of drivers

. On Friday, April 24 at Gloucester Park in Western Australia, one pilot seemed to take exception to the common, yet uncomfortable circumstance.

During the second quarter of the $20,000 Western Crown Classic at the Perth oval, trainer/driver Kevin Keys was cutting the mile with his pupil Itsallabout Nicole. Robbery, driven by Callan Suvaljko, was in the two-hole and seemingly full of pace.

Robbery's nose hit Keys' helmet on a couple of occasions. While still in close confines, Keys then swung his head back three times and then looked back. After the initial episode, Keys swung his head back two more times and looked back again.

Keys and Itsallabout Nicole went on to win the 1,730-metre event in 2:08.6. The mile-rated time of the race was 1:59.6 over a track rated 'good.'

Keys and Itsallabout Nicole were not placed back. Suvaljko and Robbery took a shuffle later in the mile and finished well back.

Click here to view the replay of the race.



Many years ago in Blue Bonnets Raceway in Montreal the one and only Herve Filion did something similar to a horse behind him driven by Keith Waples. Filion won the race and there was a judges inquiry. The judges always looked for any excuse to disqualify or fine Filion because he was outspoken and said the truth something harness racing then as now can't stand, at least in officialdom. Keith waples rose to his defence explaining to the judges that his horse was rank and Filion may well have prevented a terrible accident by the intelligent move he made since a hoses nose is one way of controlling him. So before assuming ill will lets give this aussie the benefit of good judement motives!

See what happens when you outlaw the whip!!Drives are reduced to head butting the competition.

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