SC Rewind: Picture Parade - The '80' Club

SC Rewind: Picture Parade-The 80 Club
Published: April 20, 2024 09:59 am EDT

For this week's Rewind, Robert Smith offers up the monthly feature Picture Parade. This time he centres his photo collection around a special group of individuals that all share something very much in common.  Each pictured person is turning the magic age of "80" at some point during 2024, and a couple of them have already snuck into this illustrious group. 

This week's collection of pictures are all (or will soon be) Octogenarians.  That is not a disease by the way but a term applied to all individuals who have reached the age of 80.  Thankfully today we do not consider 80-year-olds as OLD.  According to Internet sources there are a number of more kind and acceptable terms available.  A few of them are older, aging, aged, senior and geriatric.  None of those sound overly flattering to me!  

I have heard that most people, as they reach a certain age, tend to agree that old age (if there is such a thing)  is usually defined by your own age plus perhaps seven or eight years.  So it is always a way off in the future. 

Note - This grouping is not intended to include everyone that fits the criteria of being an octogenarian.  It is limited to those individuals that I have photographs in my collection. 

Picture Parade

#1 - Can you correctly identify this gentleman?  He's been involved for all of his adult life.

Picture Parade

#2 - Can you correctly identify this fellow?  He is a June baby according to my sources. 

Picture Parade

#3 - Can you correctly identify this gentleman?  He will qualify to be a member of this illustrious group in June.

Picture Parade

#4 - Can you correctly identify this lad?  Yet another June arrival. 

Picture Parade

#5 - Can you correctly identify this youngster?  He's added a few years since this photo was taken. Clue he was not born in June. 

Picture Parade

#6 - Can you correctly identify this gentleman?  He just may have entered this illustrious group late last fall. 

Picture Parade

#7 - Can you correctly identify this rather serious gentleman?  He reportedly arrived in the month of July. 

Picture Parade

#8 - Can you correctly identify this fellow?  He too qualified a while back. 

Picture Parade

#9- Can you correctly identify this guy?   I believe he's been eligible for a while. 

Picture Parade

#10 - Can you correctly identify this gentleman?  He too, like at least a couple others, has passed  the magic milestone already. 

Bonus Photo 

Picture Parade

Can you correctly identify this gentleman?  He just might have been in this age group for a while now.  

Quote For The Week: Not really a quote, just an interesting factoid.  

"The state animal of New Jersey is the horse, and that wasn’t a random choice. Whether it was racing, riding or helping business deliver the goods, the state was and still is home to any number of ways to enjoy the beauty, spirit and speed of these beautiful animals."

Blast From The Past 

Blast from the Past

Here is a great old photo that was given to me many years ago by the late Bill Galvin.  It has been displayed in the "Rewind" column a time or two in the past but it certainly fits in today's offering.  If you wish to identify these young gents or make a comment please feel free to do so. Sadly as I look at it we have lost a couple or three of these fellows but they are not forgotten. 



The correct answers to this week's "Picture Parade"  photos are shown below:
# 1 -   Brian Webster 
# 2 -  Doug Arthur  
# 3 - Garth Gordon
# 4 -  Carman Hie
# 5 -   Eric Langille 
# 6 -  Allan Waddell
# 7 -  Ronnie Waples
# 8 -  Ken Webb
# 9 - Nelson White
# 10 - Laurence Geisel 
Bonus picture was "Ageless" Bill Megens 
Blast From The Past - Front Row: L-R - John Hayes Jr., Nelson White, George Wain
Back Row - Wes Coke, Bill Hicks, Carman Hie , Eric Langille, Garth Campbell ( I think), Doug Arthur 
There is someone else in the background and I have never been able to identify him. Bill Galvin thought maybe Franz Beitlich?? In any event a great picture of then young lads.
Thanks folks, I believe you got them all right! Cute comment from John Horchik

I just can't believe it.
#4 Carman Hie
#6 Allan Waddell
#7 Ron Waples
These guys can't be 80. Ronnie is still "the kid with the golden gloves" to me. They all drove for us over the years.
Bonus: Bill Megens may be in his 80's but he will never age.

#1 I don't know
#2 Doug Arthur age 80
#3 Garth Gordon - around 80
#4 Carman Hie - 80 June 02
#5 Eric Langille-- 80 Jan 13
#6 Allan Waddell --81 Nov. 21
#7 Ron Waples--- 80 July 21
#8 Ken Webb--- 83 Feb. 09
#9 Nelson White 82 May 07
# 10 Laurance Geisel 81 April 23
Drove with them all at the Good Old Greenwood Raceway Laurance Geisel

#1 Brian webster
#2 Doug Arthur
#3 Garth Gordon
#4 Carmen hie
#5 Eric Langle
#6 Allen wadell
#7 Ronnie waples
#9 nelson white
#10 Lawrence guisel
Bonus bill Megans

Wes coke, bill hicks, carmen hie, Gary Campbell, Doug Arthur, George wayne, Nelson white

2.Brian Webster
3.Doug Arthur
4.Garth Gordon
5.Carmen Hie
6.Eric Langelle
7.Allen Wardell
8.Ronnie Waples
9.Nelson White
10.Lawrence Giesele

Bill Megan’s
Back Row
Wes Coke Bill Hicks Carmen Hie Larry Walker Gary Campbell Doug Arthur
Nelson White George Wain

3)Garth Gordon
4)Carmen Hie

7)Ronnie Waples

Bonus...Bill Megens

Bill Hicks, Carmen Hie, Doug Arthur , John Hayes and George Wain are in the bottom pic

1 ? 2 Doug Arthur 3 Garth Gordon 4 Carmen Hie 5 Eric Langille 6 Allan Waddell 7 Ron Waples 8 ? 9 Nelson White 10 Barry Drury Bonus Photo Bill Megens Blast From The Past Nelson White George Wain Wes Coke Carmen Hie Bill Hicks Ed Arthur

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