Sarnia, Windsor Stand Defiant

Published: April 19, 2012 02:27 pm EDT

It has been reported that the mayors of Windsor and Sarnia are refusing to sign the necessary paperwork which would see gaming revenue cease to flow into municipal coffers


"Primarily, when the OLG made the initial decision, they had committed to us — as well as other cities — that they would sit down and have meaningful and productive discussions with us to talk about transition," Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis has been quoted as saying in an article by the CBC.

"The fact that we've received this letter, asking us to sign off and [saying] things will be fine is unacceptable to us."

"We hope we get some attention from the provincial officials," Windsor's chief administrative officer, Helga Reidel, was quoted as saying. "Ultimately, the goal is to get information in front of the provincial decision makers."



Fine and dandy, but all Mayor Francis is looking for is for the employees that are losing their jobs to be taken care of. He said on the news here tonight that he doesn't think its possible to have the decision over-turned.