Arsenault, MacPhee: 'Don't Take Away VLTs'

Published: April 18, 2011 12:25 pm EDT

According to an article by the CBC, Maritime horsemen Kenny Arsenault and Brian MacPhee have spoken out in regard to reports that the Prince Edward Island Progressive Conservatives might ban video lottery terminals if


The CBC report explains that PC Leader Olive Crane last week opposed a plan to return to service 40 VLTs which were off-line last year. The report states that she also hinted that her party might get rid of all of them.

In regard to the purported move, MacPhee said, "Through time, it would end the (harness racing) industry."

Arsenault went on the record as saying that the move would not make any sense if it were to be implemented. "If you take the VLTs then people are just going to go to [gamble online], and we, the government gets nothing out of it."

Arsenault went on to say, "At least this way the government [is] getting a piece of the pot and they are helping the harness racing industry."

(With files from the CBC)



This is absolute nonsense in today's world. There is more money spent after 8:00 p.m. on online casino's and bingo's than what those machines are bringing in. Why bright, supposedly knowledgeable, people can't get that into their heads is beyond me. They are not gettng one cent of the online money returned back to them for healthcare and education. They get it from their share of the lottery terminals. Why would you want to tax your citizen's more which is what they will have to do to make up the difference?

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