Tecumseh Adopts Ont. SAR Resolution

Published: April 10, 2012 02:45 pm EDT

Yet another Ontario jurisdiction has adopted the resolution for the Ontario Liberal Government to keep supporting the current slots-at-racetracks agreement, which ultimately leads to the employment of roughly 60,000 Ontarians, produces $2-billion in annual economic impact and well over $1-billion in direct revenue to government every year


As Belleville Mayor Neil Ellis and representatives of many other jurisdictions have also done, the Town of Tecumseh is the most recent entity to express bewilderment over the Ontario Liberal Government's intention to disrupt its most profitable agreement and leave the paramount Ontario horse-racing industry in shambles.

At its most recent meeting, the Municipal Council of the Town of Tecumseh passed Resolution RCM-96/12, which stated:

"THAT the Town of Tecumseh support the March 7, 2012 Resoltion No. 57-12 passed by the Council of the County of Essex petitioning the Province of Ontario to maintain its support and commitment to the horse-racing industry in Ontario in order to preserve and enhance this historic industry…"

To view a copy of the resolution passed by the Town of Tecumseh, click here.



Thankyou to all who have came forward to support us in this Attack from the Liberal government as they try to destroy our Industry and our Horses. Please keep up the fight with us; we will need all of the support we can get in the upcoming days. Thankyou again from the hardworking Harness Horse Families across Ontario.

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