Canadians Nab International Awards

Published: March 5, 2015 10:47 pm EST

At the recently concluded 24th World Trotting Conference (Conference) a number of International Media Awards were presented by the President of the International Trotting Association (ITA), Mr. Geoff Want, to representatives of the winning countries.

Nominations were reduced to three favourites prior to the Conference, with the winners decided by popular vote, with each ITA Member Country casting a first, second and third preference in each of the nine categories.

The categories, plus a link to the winning entry is below.

Category 1 - Best News Article, Print or Online

For articles written “on deadline” about “breaking events”, including reporting about races, racing industry happenings and so forth, and published in daily or weekly newspapers or online publications.

Title: Delaneys Take solace in memorial race for late brother Vincent
Country/Member: Irish Harness Racing Association
Date of Publication: August 3, 2014.
Author - Publication: Aisling Crowe, Sunday Independent

Category 2 - Best Magazine Article, Print or Online

For “long term” articles written as “features” and published in magazines or online.

Title: The Fight of a Lifetime
Country/Member: Standardbred Canada
Date of Publication: March 2014
Author/Publication: Keith McCalmont - TROT Magazine

Category 3 - Best Photograph

Photos, not enhanced by any computer-aided special effects, other than those used to clarify the subject matter contained in the photograph; must be submitted as an 8 inch by 10 inch print, or smaller.

Title: 'Horses Racing in the Fog' (view here)
Country/Member: Standardbred Canada
Photographer/Publication: Clive Cohen, Woodbine Entertainment Website
Date of Publication: October 2, 2014

Category 4 - Best Printed or Web-Based Advertisement

For advertisements promoting races, breeding services and any other product, service or activity related to the sport of harness racing or Standardbred horses.

Title: We Will Trot You
Country/Member: Harness Racing Australia

Category 5 - Best Video or Film Advertisement (Online or Broadcast)

Video or film based advertisements for racing, breeding or any other product or service related to the Standardbred industry.
Title: 'Road to Elitloppet'
Country/Member: Swedish Trotting Association

Category 6 - Best Television Program or Documentary (Online or Broadcast)

For programs that air on broadcast or the internet, whether long or short form that do not include advertising content.
Title: 'James The First' (Road to the Gary Owen) – ABC Landline. Broadcast: February 11, 2013.
Country/Member: Harness Racing Australia

Category 7 - Best Poster

For printed posters used to promote racing, breeding or any other industry related activity, product or service.
Title: 'Prix d’Amerique'
Country/Member: Le Trot

Category 8 - Best Website

For publications, organisations or non-commercial entities that appear on the internet.
Details: Harness Racing New Zealand website
Country/Member: Harness Racing New Zealand

Category 9 - Best Social Media

For demonstrated excellence in social media usage and innovation
Details: Harness Racing Fan Zone
Country/Member: United States Trotting Association


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