Top T-Bred Owner Gill Irate

Published: March 31, 2010 12:08 pm EDT

According to a report, top thoroughbred owner Michael Gill is livid. The Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission has lifted its ban on the controversial owner, but the move has come after he has sold his horses and stepped

away from the industry.

This past February, Gill and his trainer, Tony Adamo, were barred from racing horses at Penn National Race Course after jockeys and trainers refused to enter races in which Gill had a horse participating. The position taken by the jockeys and trainers was that they feared Gill's horses breaking down and hurting others during the races.

"I have a family, I have kids and no job and I didn't do anything wrong, or at least I haven't been told what I did wrong," Adamo said during an interview with The trainer is now allowed to race once again, but virtually all of his stock he had to work with is now gone.

In regard to being cleared once he had sold off all of his stock, Gill said: "When I'm all out of business, only have a couple of horses left, what? Everybody's innocent? No one did anything wrong? No findings? How corrupt is that?"

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Mr. Gill has a right to be upset but if he didn't have a jockey to ride he wasn't in business, just training.

Whatever your opinion of Mr Gill he is absolutely right on his comments!!

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