SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind: Picture Parade
Published: March 23, 2024 11:59 am EDT

In this week's Rewind Robert Smith offers up the monthly feature Picture Parade.  A bevy of old pictures from various parts of the country make up this week's column. 

This edition of Picture Parade is a group of randomly selected old photographs of various people, places and perhaps other items of interest to those who enjoy looking at old pictures of harness racing.   They are listed in no particular order.  If you so choose, send in your best guess on the ones that seem familiar to you.  Enjoy. 

Picture Parade

#1 - Harness racing drivers tend to come in many shapes and sizes as shown in the photo above.  Can you put a last name on these two fellows who both shared the same first name?

Picture Parade

#2 - Can you figure out who this young driver was? I suspect he is headed for victory which he was known to do quite frequently.  Let us know. 

Picture Parade

#3 - Hockey and harness racing have been intertwined forever it seems.  Can you identify this gentleman shown above? 

Picture Parade

#4 - This old Vernon Downs program carried the picture of a pretty well known individual back in 1974 which is 50 years ago.  Can you put a name on him? He's probably been in the quiz section before, but not this picture. 

Picture Parade

#5 - Can you identify this well known personality? I can't make them all super difficult, so here you go.  Let us know who you think it is.  

Picture Parade

#6 - This gentleman passed away a few years ago in 2021 at the age of 84.  A clue is that he might be most familiar to those who recognize the "great ones" from Atlantic Canada. 

Picture Parade

#7 - This young fellow seems to be pretty proud of his new rig.  Can you tell us who he is? I wonder if he's still driving it?

Picture Parade

#8 - Here is a good one for our Quiz.  This one goes back to the days before drivers wore white pants.  These two drivers undoubtedly often met up around the finish wire  over the years.  They are both gone now but I'll bet our experts are up to the challenge.  Who are they? (Harness Horse Photo) 

Picture Parade

#9 - The single shaft sulky era didn't last too long but we do have a few pictures to prove that it did occur.  Who is this fellow in the driver's seat from about 50 years ago? 

Picture Parade

#10 - What a beautiful smile.  Can you identify this young gentleman from days gone by?

Quote For The Week: " What is the proper way to wait in a Doctor's clinic? Answer - Patiently." 



The correct answers to this week's "Picture Parade" photos are shown below:
# 1 - A pair of Georges - George Sholty from Logansport, Indiana and George Rattenbury, a native of Muncie, Indiana
# 2 - Wm "Magic" O'Donnell winning at Saratoga
# 3 - Guy LaPointe, horse not identified
# 4 - "Tonto" Jay Silverheels on Vernon program front. No report of the whereabouts of The Lone Ranger
# 5 - Stanley Dancer
# 6 - Phil Pinkney
# 7 - Donnie Rankin Jr. Note - not at all certain about the reports of still having his 1988 pickup
# 8 - That pair dashing toward the wire was Keith Waples (3) Panama Hanover ahead (outside) and Wm. Wellwood driving Darryl M Bee at the rail finishing second
# 9 - Bill Hicks driving Meadowview Ben for owner Chas. Reid of Orono
# 10 - Peter Haughton

This week's pictures drew a variety of answers and ultimately they were all correctly identified. With the major league baseball season just beginning I will use a fitting metaphor. Both Garth Gordon and Sheldon Rose came on with a late inning rally to save the day by getting correct answers for # 1 and # 8. Kudos to both!

I think number 8 is Keith Waples winning and William Wellwood finishing second.

Sholty and Rattenbury

#1. George Sholty and ?
#2. William O’Donnell
#3. Serge Savard
#4. Jay Silverheels
#5. Stanley Dancer
#6. Phil Pinkney
#7. The young fellow is Donnie Rankin Jr. and yes he is still driving this rig and ironically still has the same gas in the tank from when he won this in 1988.
#8. Possibly Clint Hodgins and Keith Waples.
#9. William Hicks driving Meadowview Ben.
#10. Maybe Peter Haughton.

1. George Sholty, Franklin Safford
2. Bill O'Donnell
3. Gilles Villemure
4. Jay Silverheels
5. Stanley Dancer
6. Phil Pinkney
7. Jim Whelan, maybe Donnie Rankin
8.. Keith Waples, Harold Wellwood?
9. Last name starts with and H :)
10. Peter Haughton

Just guesses. 1 George Sholty,Frank Todd 2. Foot out of the stirrup could be Billy O 3. Guy Lapointe 4. Jay Silverheels 5. Stan Dancer 6. Pinkney 7. Donnie Rankin and yes probably is! 8. Keith Waples, Billy Haughton 9. Bill Hicks 10. Peter Haughton.

1 Sholty ......
3Guy Lapointe
5 Stanley Dancer

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