Record V75 Payout In Sweden

Published: March 2, 2010 04:36 pm EST

One lucky punter got all the marbles – or in this case knonor – thanks to a Scandinavian record payout in the popular V75 wager at Sweden’s Axevalla Travbana


The jackpot kicked back a staggering 67 million kronor (which would be about $9.6 million in Canadian currency) to the lone handicapper that came up with all seven winners in the multi-race wager.

The winner of the jackpot backed into the win as a result of a late scratch in the final leg of the wager. Aliens Kiss, who captured the final leg of the V75, was not included on the handicapper’s ticket until Foreign Life was a scratch shortly before the start of the race. The scratch of that horse then gave the handicapper Aliens Kiss as a reserve option on the ticket.

The historic V75 payoff cost the handicapper just over 1,000 kronor (a little more than $144 in Canadian currency). The previous record payout for a V75 wager was 47,360,999 kronor (more than $6.8 million in Canadian currency) from July 7, 2007.

Here are the numbers and the names of the horses used on the winning ticket:

#2 Midsummer King
#4 Ekets Patrik
#6 Bobtail
#3 Zebra G
#1 Seagardens Lady
#11 Celebrity Photo
#3 Aliens Kiss



If anyone in racing has any remaining influence over our politicians, please show them that article. If we could come up with a Canadian version of that V75 to replace or even compete against the 6/49, we wouldn't need to pick our collective brain as to how we can stop or slow down the fall of a sport that needs a serious uplift. It may sound impossible, but harness racing has one major asset that we don't put forward often enough.

There is absolutely no other game, lotteries and scratch tickets included, capable of sustaining a completely independent sport or industry with grooms, veterinarians, trainers, drivers, judges, officials, etc, while also supporting the restaurant or security related jobs that can be found at casinos for example. Better still, it creates jobs spread in rural areas. Those facts should weight considerably on decisions made by our politicians, but it’s our responsibility to make them aware of it. We have to be creative and prove them that horse racing is still a valuable asset and that it can have a strong growth potential.

With something like the V75, we could add a lot of jobs in Ontario and probably even revive that industry in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Where there's a will...

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