Heartbeat Of Ontario Horse Racing

Published: March 16, 2012 06:44 pm EDT

Of the more than 60,000 people involved with horse racing in Ontario, here are just a few of the individuals that make up the heartbeat of Ontario's vital and valuable industry


As the horse racing industry faces an unprecedented threat from the Government of Ontario with their latest announcement regarding the future of the OLG Slots at Racetrack Program, Standardbred Canada urges everyone impacted by these cuts to sign a petition that will be presented, by OHRIA, to the provincial government


In association with the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association, a number of initiatives will be rolled out in the upcoming days to defend our industry and gain public support, and your help is needed now more than ever in getting our message out there.

Attached to this message is a petition template we are asking each of you to help circulate each and every day going forward.

You can drop off the signed and completed petitions at your local racetrack race office, Standardbred Canada's office or this weekend at the I Love Canadian Harness Racing Fan Club booth at the Can-Am Equine Show, March 16-18 at the Western Fair Agriplex in London, Ont. Completed petitions may also be mailed back to the OHRIA office.

“OHRIA Petitions”
P.O. Box 456,
Stn. B, Toronto, ON M9W 5L4

Please ensure that all signed and returned petitions use this petition template.



The standardbred industry is always looking for a great way to get
the word out or do a bit of advertising they should put some money
up and get this on TV. It's a great piece and tells the story. Put it
out there all across the country. Maybe these Liberals who call themselves
leaders will actually learn what it's all about.

Great job by all who participated,thank-you. Now put this out to the Urban folks and get us some new Fans!

Excellent Video. Hope this gets put out in commercials all over Ontario.

This needs to get on TV if we want the word out there. It's very well done and really gets the message across. But the people looking at it on this site are NOT THE PEOPLE that need to hear this...it needs to get out there

This video is excellent and would get the word out but it needs to go on TV...ALL TV STATIONS IN ONTARIO should be running this it's the only way to get the word out to the people that need to hear it. It is nice on this site but unfortunately the people looking at this site ALREADY KNOW the message. These are not the folks you want to get you want to get the word OUT of our industry.

Excellent - this video puts a face to the industry. Maybe another video can be put together showing people and quick facts on how this mess will affect their personal lives. A situation like this one has affected my life and many others in Quebec when the racing business died. After re-locating here to Ontario, we found a place where horse racing was rich and diverse and now, this one stands a chance of dying. Ask the many grooms and trainers that had to leave their province, their home and being apart from their families to come here to Ontario to continue earning a living. It is heart-breaking and sad. Many, if not most, the horse racing business is all that they know, being passed down through generations. What else will they do? This is what they know and love. Many people who work in the business will end up with no jobs, no future and maybe live on Social Assistance that the government will have to foot the bill. Do the math - Isn't is better to keep all these people working or dish more money out for people who will be on Social Assistance? The government isn't thinking about this or maybe they are and they just don't care.

Excellent video with our message very well stated. Now we need to get it out to the public.

I think that if this isn't already a commercial on television that it should be. Social networks can only reach so far. We need the support of everyone. Great job!!!

I think this is excellent-Putting a face on the people whos' lives would be destroyed by the reckless and brutal actions of this govt. along with a powerful and factual portrayal of the substantial value of the horse racing industry to the economy of Ontario. Well done and a great job by everyone in front of the camera.

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