Ottawa City Council Backs RCR Gaming Proposal

Published: March 11, 2011 04:55 pm EST

It has been reported that during a meeting on Thursday, March 10, Ottawa City Council decided that it will officially support Rideau Carleton Raceway's proposal to enact a two-year pilot program which will see 21 tables of casino gaming added to its facility


An article by the Ottawa Citizen states that the issue will now be brought before the planning committee due to the fact that a re-zoning process will be in order.

The report states that a number of councillors argued against the idea; and that Somerset Councillor Diane Holmes, among others, called for “full debate on the issue, listening to both sides.”

Mayor Jim Watson had thrown his support behind the initiative right from the get-go, but many are upset that the issue went directly to council, thus not allowing the public to have their say on the issue.

(With files from the Ottawa Citizen)

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Comments On RCR Casino Proposal
Table Gaming Coming To Rideau?



As a horse owner, I believe this is very good news.....I think. Let's see how much money from the table is re-invested in the racing game.

Would be nice to see that money going to the clients (lower the tax bracket)and to facilities and the people who invest their money in the game. Most of all this money should go towards smart promotion of our sport.

If you want to younger crowd to come you have to include the families. That means entertainment for the kids to bring the whole family. Most of the families have budgets and have some money to spend on entertainement but it often has to include the whole family. We need someone that can think outside the box....and without disrespect to anyone, I am not seeing any improvement on that side of the business.

We need a person that thinks of it as it would be their own business and not a job!!!

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