'Give Chrome' Abuser Sentenced; Abuse Charge Dropped

Published: March 1, 2011 11:32 am EST

Forty-four-year-old Wilbur F. Frost, the man that abused retired standardbred Give Chrome before being arrested and charged by Pennsylvania police, has been


According to a report by The Evening Sun, on Monday, February 28, Frost pleaded guilty to one count of carrying a concealed firearm without a license and was sentenced to nine months in Adams County prison. The rest of his sentence -- an additional 15 months -- will be spent on probation.

Frost had initially been charged with three counts of carrying a concealed firearm without a license and animal cruelty. As part of his plea agreement, Frost relinquished ownership of Give Chrome, a winner of nine of 56 career starts that took his mark of 1:54.4 over Hoosier Park as a three-year-old. The gelding is now 13 years old.

In early November of 2010, Give Chrome was seized in Littlestown, Pennsylvania after multiple calls were made to 911 complaining of a man repeatedly whipping a horse pulled his makeshift carriage on local roads. Give Chrome was found to have 10-15 large abrasions where his hide rubbed off from an ill fitting harness, as well as a laceration on his leg. He was also underweight.

Frost had told officers he intended to drive Give Chrome to Oklahoma. Frost has a prior conviction for abuse of horses in Kansas earlier in 2010.

The initial news of Give Chrome's plight at the hand of Frost drew a great deal of attention within the standardbred industry. The gelding then became the 23rd horse to benefit from the USTA’s SOS (Support Our Standardbreds) program, and was then adopted by Meg and Alan Leavitt of Walnut Hall Ltd.

(With files from The Evening Sun)

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The laws for animal cruelty in both the states and canada is a joke and they need to be changed and they need to be much tougher but as usual governments on both sides of the border do not have the backbone to do what is right and the problem is further compounded by judges who let people off who abuse animals with a slap on the wrist instead of giving them all they are allowed to by law.

I don't understand how come this guy has been sentenced to just probation....just simply because he gave the horse away?....the horse should have been taken away by the humane society never mind giving him the choice. And how come nothing has been mentioned by the court about ever letting this man be withing so many feet of any animals!!
No offence but how on earth did this man ever get his hands on this horse.....Whenever I give my retired race horses away ....man I screen the person well!!!

Just looking at the guy says it all.
I agree with Marie Stoyles-Moura .....the man shouldn't have
even been allowed any animals after the first abuse charge.
What is wrong with the system???

Does anyone else think this Wilbur Frost looks an aweful lot like Charles Manson????????
He should be BANNED for Life from owning any animals......if its a horse this week, it will be a dog, cat, goat etc. next week.

Thank you Margaret & Allan for your generous hearts.

After the first charge of animal cruelty this man should never have been allowed another horse.
Instead of dropping the charge of animal cruelty == perhaps Wilbur should be whipped 10 to 15 times and have a cut on his leg.

Thankfully there are good people out there who took in this beautiful animal - -Thank you Margaret & Allan

Marie Stoyles-Moura

It's hard to believe he would do that, he looks like such a sensible guy. There are times when you can judge a book by it's cover and this is one of them. Hopefully he will never again own or have another horse in his care.

The horse was abused if he even had to look at Wilbur !!!! Way to go Meg and Alan Leavitt.

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