No GCGC/OLG Agreement, Yet More Slots

Published: February 27, 2013 10:38 am EST

Great Canadian Gaming Corp. has yet to reach a tentative lease agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. to house the province’s slot machines at Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs, but it has been reported that more machines are on their way to the latter location, regardless.

A brief report by The Innisfil Scope states that the increase in machines at Georgian falls under the OLG’s increasingly-controversial gaming modernization plan.

The article states that the number of slot machines at Georgian will increase by 200 for a total of 1,200 at the Innisfil raceway.

Last week, Innisfil Mayor Barb Baguley went on the record as saying that the OLG has offered assurances that slot-machine gaming will take place in Innisfil, home of Georgian Downs, although at this point there is no guarantee that the slots will remain at Georgian in the future.

In a related note, an item uploaded to the OLG website on Tuesday, February 26 states that when the RFPQ Process was launched, the OLG indicated that current site holders could not participate in the process as applicants or as part of a bidding consortium, if an extension to a current site holder agreement or a new lease agreement had not been finalized. Therefore, the OLG is saying that current Ontario racinos must reach an agreement with the OLG for slot-area lease agreements beyond the slots-at-racetracks agreement, which is set to expire on April 1, 2013, if the tracks want to be considered in the RFPQ process for future 'casino' gaming at the track in question.

(With files from The Innisfil Scope and the OLG)



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If the tracks and horseman would have banded together, instead of playing along with the olg's divide and conquer strategy and told them SARP ends March 31st, have all your equipment out April 1st or we will charge you 1 million per day per location in rent you would have a whole lot more leverage than each location bowing to the master.

Why doesn,t the horsemen wake up blockade the slot parlours and say no more new slots.I would think enough is enough.

If I'm reading this correct......sounds like a form of extortion.

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