Ed James: "Take Your Pick"

Published: February 23, 2013 11:49 am EST

"As a citizen of Ontario I would like a question answered: who is governing Ontario? Take your pick. 1. The Liberal Government, The OLG - Paul Godfrey, U.S. Casino Operators; 2. The OLG - Paul Godfrey, U.S. Casino Operators, The Liberal Government; 3. U.S. Casino Operators, The OLG - Paul Godfrey, The Liberal Government."

Horse owner Ed James has placed another ad in the Toronto Star bringing more attention to the Ontario's Lottery & Gaming Corp.'s decision to end Ontario's slots-at-racetracks program and expand casino gaming throughout the province.

James' ad appears below or is available here.



Mr James should have won the Cam Fella award in 2012--he is deserving of the Cam Fella award this year--he has "told it like it is" & put his money where his mouth is! Thanks, Ed.

Once again Mr. James had hit the nail straight on the head. It is so plain and simple for everyone but the Liberals, the OLG under Paul Godfrey and the casino/bingo hall owners (oddly enough, all people who are looking out for themselves - yes, especially the governement - rather than the good of the people of Ontario)to understand that this is such a huge and ill-conceived blunder that will cause far more damage to Ontario than is even anticipated. Rural Ontario's economy is already fragile in many parts of the province. Yet another blow from the almighty Liberals will only cause more damage. Ontario was once the land of milk and honey in Canada for so many reasons--perhaps even North America. Between the Liberals and "commander Godfrey" and his sidekicks, we are in shambles. Their deceitful and disgusting behaviour continues under the noses of the Ombudsman and the Attorney General. Horwath and her party have botched their chances to save the province from more pillage. The entire province-not just the horsepeople-should be up in arms about what this government has done to it. We, the racing community have talked well past the point of having any chance of being noticed or effective. The words are all out there. We need ACTION!

Thanks greatly Mr James. The Standardbred industry has been so short of any coherent leadership. We can't seem to defend what is imminently defendable. Any idea what OHHA and COSA are doing now?

I suspect Godfrey and the Liberal's can't even believe themselves how helpless and hopeless we have been Thank you sir for doing more than your share.

I cannot see how anyone in Ontario can possibly vote for these incompetent liberals. Things are just way out of control. Unfortunately, the weak kneed conservatives and NDP, are reluctant to call an election. Just thinking, sincerely Bruce T. Winning

As I have said many times the NDP are in bed with the Liberals, all we get from them is stupidity when push comes to shove Horvath jumps back under the duvet with the liberals

Mr James should receive the OBRIEN award for putting his money where his mouth is. All horsemen owe you a debt of gratitude. If all of us would have done 1/10th of what Mr. James has done we might have been able to save our industry. Come on peolpe , there was only a few hundred of us at Maple Leaf Gardens on Jan. 25 & 26. Mr James put up many thousands of his dollars for all of us. What did you do? Ed, again ,I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Why is it we all see this but outside of horse racing it is an unknown? Thank You Mr Ed James we need more people just like you. I have contacted several MPP's but they all provide lip service as to say whatever they think we may want to hear. Godfrey & Tananbuam should be in jail, McGuinty,Duncan,McMecken,anyone who holds or held a position of trust and lied to the voters of Ontario basically the whole Liberal Party past & present.

Great article, Ed. We, horse people are indebted to you and thank you for your unwaivering support. Our only hope is to force an election by pressuring the NDP members at Queens Park to either break rank or cross the floor to the PCs. Wynne has to present a budget in the near future and will need support of the NDP to get it passed otherwise we are into a spring election. Hopefully we can say good bye and good riddance to the Liberals and save Ontario from Godfrey and his cronies.

In my opinion the provincial Lib government is corrupt and heads should roll, not just for the SARP/Casino affair but also for the Ornge, the eHealth and electrical plants, a blatant waste of tax payers money.
The OLG needs to be cleaned out and new management put in place immediatley. Stop the illegal spending of tax payers money into the support of casinos. The money making SARP needs to be reinstated in order help reduce the bleeding.
It is unbeleiveable that the provincial opposition parties have allowed this to continue for this long. They need to take responsibility and stand up for the rights of the people that voted for them in the last election. This is a minority government REMEMBER!
As for the racehorse people, only a few are willing to actually take any action. The rest refuse to get involved. They would rather sit and hope that everything will work out. Well I think you can see how effective that has been.
The innocent pawns (horses) in this are the ones that I feel for the most.

Ed, I certainly hope this is not your last statement. Please keep them coming it's just what we need. Says everything I have been saying via e-mails, etc. It's the job OHRIA should be doing. If you need help financially with these articles, please say so on SC site and the rest of us will see what we can (and should) do to help. Again, THANK YOU.