SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind: Picture Parade
Published: February 17, 2024 12:30 pm EST

This week's edition of Rewind is the monthly version of Picture Parade, a collection of old photographs, usually with a central theme.  With the holiday "Family Day" in many areas of the country upcoming on Monday, Feb. 19 this year, Robert Smith has assembled a collection of vintage photos of families involved in harness racing.  

As most followers of harness racing know, family roots run pretty deep in this grand old sport.  I don't know what the odds are officially but generally speaking if a person is involved in virtually any aspect of this sport and business there is a pretty good chance they came from a racing family.  Today's pictures all involve multiple personalities and several include two or three generations.  

Have fun looking at them and if you wish and identify them if you can.  

Picture Parade

#1 - Can you identify this group of four which includes three generations?  There's a lot of harness racing history attached to this family. (Hoof Beats) 

Picture Parade

#2 - It's pretty difficult to have a showing of family pictures without including this one.  Can you venture a guess as to who these lads are?  Mom and Dad are in the middle. A last name will suffice. 

Picture Parade

#3 - Here we have three generations and as a possible assist in solving it,  the driver is NOT part of the family.  Give us at least a last name for the three people, minus the driver and you get full marks.  If you recognize the driver feel free to include his identity.  Unfortunately none of these folks are still with us.  I had many visits with the man in the red jacket way back when he trained a well known horse racing at the O.J.C. tracks.  (Abahazy photo collection) 

Picture Parade

#4 - Looks like another three generation possibility.  Who are these folks in a photo taken a lot of years ago?   A last name will suffice. 

Picture Parade

#5 - This one contains some people from a pretty well known family.  Can you identify them?  

Picture Parade

#6 - Here we have another three generation photo that comes with a few simple clues.  The two gentlemen are probably quite easy to identify but they officially are not part of the quiz.  The three females are the ones we are looking to identify as they are part of a family of long standing in Ontario racing circles.  They are descendants of a very accomplished horseman of the past but he has been deceased now for many years.  A last name will suffice.  This photo was taken at a sale in London a few years ago. 

Picture Parade

#7 - This one should be pretty easy so no clues will be offered.  Who are they?  

Picture Parade

#8 - Here we have a lot of people with the same last name and along with them a couple of "adopted" fellows present for the occasion.  Can you come up with the family name for starters and add any individual names if you wish?  

Picture Parade

#9 - To quote a very old saying, "This picture takes the cake" in my estimation.  This is a true family day picture.  Let us know who these fine folks are.  A last name will do but do more if you wish.

Picture Parade

#10 - Here is a pretty good looking trio, all with exactly the same heritage. In other words they're all brothers.  Who are they?  

Bonus Photo 

Picture Parade

This old photo is tailor made for a quiz like this but it is probably solvable only with some clues and assistance.  These people are all U.S. but fairly widely known throughout the sport.  This photo was taken about 60 years ago in 1966.  The proud father, just recently passed, was a non-driving trainer throughout his career and he was extremely successful. Among his accomplishments was the fact that he was the first person to train both a male and a female horse to lifetime earnings of $2 million each. He trained a huge stable at one time and was active at the top level for close to 50 years. The youngster in the picture was about 1-1/2 years old when this photo was taken so is now around 60.  He has spent a lifetime driving a lot of top horses at all the major tracks, a number of them trained by his father. He is still on the go.  

Who are these folks?  

Family Day Trivia 

Back in 1968 (can that be 56 years ago!) a father and his three sons were all entered as drivers in a stake race at Kawartha Downs.  One of the sons,  just 17 at the time,  won the race.  The other two brothers finished third and fourth while Dad finished sixth.  To add to the "family" nature of this tale is the fact  that all four horses involved were sired by the same family-owned horse.  As a slight clue Dad and one brother have passed away but the two remaining fellows are still driving on occasion.  Who are the members of this remarkable family,  at least their last name?  

Quote For The Week: "In my dreams, I never lost a race." - Quote attributed to Herve Filion 



The correct answers to this week's " Picture Parade " photos are shown below :
#1 - Members of the Rowe family. Hon. Earl, Scott, Earl Jr. and William
#2 - The Filion family with 8 driving brothers and Maman et Papa in the centre
#3 - The Marchand family. Far left is grandson Dennis, Grandpa Jules , driver Bud Foster and far right Gene, son of Jules, father of Dennis. For many years Jules was the caretaker of two well known OJC horses: Ardee, a trotter and Gentry Yates, a pacer.
#4 - The Daniels family of Truro, N.S .
#5 - The Walker family, L-R: Jean, Robert, Mom Viola, Larry and Paul
#6 - Descendants of J. Russell Miller. On the far right is daughter Marjorie, Bill Galvin, Jack McNiven , Sheila Lebedz (Marjorie's daughter ) and far left Trina Jeffrey, Sheila's daughter.
#7 - The family of Bill and Dottie Haughton
#8 - Waples family joined by Tom Strauss and Barry Drury
#9 - The family of Bud and Ethel Fritz
#10 - Brothers Remmen: Ray, Gord and Larry

The Bonus picture was correctly identified as the recently passed Jerry Silverman along with little son Richie and Mom Celia

Family Trivia Question? - Answered by several this little Quiz involved the family of Cliff and Edith Hie. Race winner was Doug.

Thanks everybody!

Thanks to Ruleen Lilley for her identification on photo #6. I am going to take the liberty of adding a bit more pertinent info. First I will add that she correctly identified everyone. I am going to also include that the three females in the photo are the daughter (Marjorie), granddaughter (Sheila) ,and great granddaughter (Trena) of Russell and Jean Miller of Dutton, Ont. ,noted horse people from days gone by.

Earl, Scott, Earl Jr, Bill Rowe
Haughton Kids
Tom Strauss, Gord Waples,, Wendell Waples, Randy Waples, Keith ,Barry Drury, Murray Waples, Ronnie
Bud and Eleanor Fritz and Family with Larry Hughes and Gregg McNair

The folks in this picture from left to right are: Trena Jeffery, Sheila Lebedz, Jack McNiven, Bill Galvin and Marjorie Patterson.

#4 Frank Daniels Family, sons Scott(l) and Gary(r).

#4 - the Daniels from NS - Frank, Gary aka the Squire, and his son [Scott?] and another gentleman

#4 is the Daniels family Truro,NS
Lt to Rt Gary, Edna, Frank holding grandson Jeff, Joe Anne and Scott

1. Earl, Scott, Bill jr, Bill Rowe 2. Filion 3 ? 4. Elgie 5. Jean Walker Thibadeau and the Walker clan 6. McNiven 7. Haughton 8 All Waples except for Strauss and Drury 9. Fritz with Greg McNair in the back 10. Remmen Bonous should know but I'm absolutely stumped. Family day The Hies. Hmm maybe Superior Richard?

2. the Filion family

7. the Haughton family

8. first row; K.Waples, JP Morel

Trivia question

Cliff, Carmen, roger and Doug Hye all drive together in Peterborough

1Earl Rowe Scott Rowe Bil lRowe Earl Rowe Jr 2 The Filions 3 ? 4? 5 Jean Walker Thibadeau Bob Walker Viola Walker Larry Walker Paul Walker 6 ? 7 Haughton family 8 Keith Waples Barry Dury Ronnie Waples Randy Waples Tom Straus Gord Waples Ron Waples Jr Wendell Waples 9 Bud and Ethel Fritz and family Larry Hughes 10 Ray Remmen Gord Remmen Larry Remmen Bonus Photo Jerry Silverman Family Day Trivia The Hie Family

#1- honorable earl row, Scott row, earl jr, bill row
#2-filion family
#3-driver bud foster, horse jentry/gentry Yates, jewels, and Dennis Marchand
#4- MacTavish family
#5- walker family
#6- jack mcnivens family, clean archers
#7- bill Houten family
#8- Keith, Gord, Ronnie, Ronnie jr, Randy waples, Tom strouse, peewee and Dave ferness
#9- bud fritz and family
#10- remmin boys from the west
#11- Richy silverman

Family Day Trivia
This was the Hie Family Father Cliff, Sons Carmen,Roger and Doug all raced in the Orville Fallis Memorial at Morrow Park in Peterborough. Doug I believe won the race.

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