New Belleville Agricultural Society President, But Still The Same Old Message

Published: December 10, 2010 01:12 pm EST

The Belleville Agricultural Society has a new president in Marilynne Cotten, who took over earlier this fall. But even though there is a new president, the same old message is still being aired in regard to the extensively-delayed 'new' Quinte Exhibition and Raceway


"There's nothing new to report. We're still dealing with the same people — Baymount and the MacAllan Group — but there's a bunch of hoops and hurdles to go through before there's going to be any for sure groundbreaking," Cotten was quoted as saying in an article by the Belleville Intelligencer.

"They still have to deal with the Ontario Racing Commission and there's stuff that has to be passed and approved ... It's looking good, but we do not have a date. We're 99 per cent sure it's going to happen, but nobody wants to jinx it."

The article also quoted Cotten as saying, "It is frustrating but we're very optimistic with Joel Ross and the MacAllan Group. We really hope it goes through and they end up being our partners. We have to think that way because we want this thing to go through. Can we nail a date for a groundbreaking ceremony, though? Absolutely not."

(With files from the Belleville Intelligencer)



New Ag society faces, same Baymount partner, same delays and The City of Belleville continues to sit on the sidelines like a disinterested bystander. Baymount is the city selected partner; yet, the project has been on hold for over 4 years because Baymount has nothing to contribute and can't do the job without attracting a partner of their own to pay for the project. Get rid of Baymount or drop the project and let Quinte West get on with it. Nice big sign on the site with "BOGUS" graffiti spayed on it sort of says it all. Imagine that old aged horses will be all that will be left by the time we see the next race in Belleville. Why not just rehab the old track at Belleville.... tracks still good, it has barns, lighting is still in place, has a convenient location and a new grandstand/casino could be constructed quickly and easily. Ag society could hold their fall fair & ex on the barren Baymount property. All they would need to do is put a carny figure on the property with a loud speaker and beckoning call of "Hey Rube" and all would be wonderful.