Maryland To Seize Pimlico, Laurel?

Published: December 1, 2010 01:53 pm EST

Michael Busch, Speaker of the House in Maryland, has been cited as saying that if the Preakness is in danger of being moved out of the state, the state could seize Pimlico and Laurel Park through eminent domain


According to a report by ABC News, Busch also said that he believes a full racing schedule is needed if the industry is going to prosper in the state. There is currently no 2011 racing schedule in place for thoroughbreds in the state.

"I think the way we've drawn it up in the law the Preakness will be protected but I think it's just as important to have a full slate of racing if you're going to have racing in the state of Maryland it has to be a year-round industry," Busch said.

The ABC News article also quoted Maryland Senate President Thomas ‘Mike’ Miller, a pro-expanded gaming voice in the state, as saying that slots gaming at tracks would help the racing industry if track owners put forth a viable effort

"We need a vision," said Miller. "We need the racing commission to come back with some recommendations, put some teeth in the law and bring the owners to the table and say look you want to race here these are the conditions that you race here otherwise, get out of dodge."

According to a report by The Baltimore Sun, Rick Abbruzzese, a spokesman for Governor Martin O'Malley, yesterday said that the governor's intention is to work with "stakeholders until a resolution is found," although he declined to detail what options would be considered.

(With files from ABC News and The Baltimore Sun)

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