OLG Bows To Hamilton Pressure

Published: November 9, 2012 02:24 pm EST

It has been reported that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. President and CEO Rod Phillips will be giving the City of Hamilton more time to decide whether or not it wants to be a willing host municipality for casino expansion under the OLG's new gaming modernization plan.

According to an article by the Hamilton Spectator, Phillips told The Spec's editorial staff today (Friday, November 9) that the provincial gaming operator will be giving the city until February, 2013 to make a decision. The report states that Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina had asked the OLG to extend the decision deadline.

Hamilton City Council has been a steadfast supporter of Flamboro Downs, and thus, through logical deduction, a supporter of the strong horse-racing industry in the area. Hamilton Council has not excluded the possibility of a gaming expansion within its borders, but it has noted that it would prefer that Flamboro Downs be the location for casino expansion due to the positive impact the staunch Dundas raceway has delivered to the municipality. The idea of introducing a full-blown urban casino in Hamilton has also not gone over so well.

The article has cited Phillips as hypothetically saying that gaming expansion at Flamboro would not translate to an increase in revenue for the city, stating that an urban casino would possibly see the city reap five to ten per cent more in annual revenue.

Phillips is also addressing Hamilton Council today on the issue.

(With files from the Hamilton Spectator)



I'm guessing the OLG thought they could just strongarm all the municipalities they wanted. How dare these city councils ask for time, concrete answers, or other such details.

What we really need are more bingo halls owned by Larry Tannenbaum.

In other words, Mr. Phillips, you and the OLG are offering the city of Hamilton a chance to become a "willing host" of one of your casinos as long as you get to determine where it will be located and all of the other details. Provided it suits your purposes, they get a "choice". Typical of how you have decided exactly all of the terms of this so-called "modernization" plan to destroy neighbourhoods, communities, horse racing and agricultural and rural businesses all in one fell swoop. What was once a wonderful province to live and work in will soon be the cesspool that other "casino" communities have become. Way to go OLG!!

The comment that an Urban Casino could reap 5 to 10 % more in revenue for the city is purely political and totally irresponsible. What makes them believe it will even be profitable ... when their other privately operated Casinos are NOT.
And don't forget, there will likely be another much larger Casino just 30 to 40 miles down the road in Toronto.

Why be hypothetical?? Why would any city or municipality enter into an agreement with the OLG when they use terms like hypothetical, may and possibly?

Does everybody not know that soon as they open there casino in downtown Toronto that you may as well close Rama and Niagara because the buses will stop coming, and the talk of a casino in Wasaga and one in Barrie is ridiculous. Who is going to come, when they have one in T.O.? Sure Wasaga might be busy for July and August but you go there this time of year there will be no one there. OLG take 5% from the 10% horse account leave the slots where they are put card games in if you want and let the horse racing industry to straighten out there own affairs. Lets move on and stop this crazy talk! The people have had enough!

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