2013 Racing In Leamington?

Published: November 29, 2012 01:28 pm EST

It has been reported that there has been a lot of work behind the scenes in order for live harness racing to take place at the Leamington Fair in 2013.

A report by Blackburn News explains that a group which includes Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain is part of a ground trying to keep live racing at the fair grounds.

The article states that the group is looking to get $3.5-million in transitional funding from the provincial government. The monies would go toward 2013 racing purses and the paddock.

“Our next step now is we’re going to the Ontario Racing Commission and applying for 10 dates in Leamington," Bain was quoted as saying in the report

"We’ve been working with the Leamington fair board and they’re 100 per cent supportive.”

(With files from Blackburn News)



Windsor...Sarnia...Dresden...Woodstock racetracks....GONE!!!!...and with it the economic reality that harness racing and associated industries in southwestern Ontario will never be the same......all,
in my opinion to the benefit of stabilizing CAESARS Windsor and it's casino partners. Guess who negotiated those policy decisions on an industry that added a "net value" to the community?
Anyhow enough negative chat.....congratulations to the horsemen from Southwestern Ontario for not "throwing in the towel" and taking the initiative to apply for limited 2013 race dates in Leamington. Although, the application to the ORC for 10 days of racing may appear "minute" to some...l see it as an opportunity to demonstrate to the province that they made a mistake in terminating access to standardbred racing in Southwestern Ontario.
It's now up to the racing industry to support this initiative and demonstrate that the industry has a place in the economic community of southwestern Ontario and that ultimately a new facility that meets the needs of its consumers is warranted somewhere along the Windsor/London corridor.....submitted Rick Atkin, councillor for the municipaility of Leamington.

It's about time someone is taking some positive action to save racing in Southwestern Ontario. We need a NEW track in our Region to revitalize the industry. Horse racing employs thousands of people in Southwestern Ontario and we can't turn our back on them now. Throw your support behind this group!!!!